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    A London based studio is currently looking for a Senior Lighting TD for Film.


    * Light and render CG elements to match live-action footage and supervisor direction using MPC\'s lighting toolset.
    * Manage render scenes, elements and assets.
    * Composite rendered CG elements and live-action footage for daily progress reviews.
    * Technically and creatively maintain consistent shot quality and look as defined by Creative Heads & VFX Supervisors, assisting in this process when required.
    * Develop shots in collaboration with the shot Compositor.
    * Be part of daily progress reviews to obtain feedback from supervisors.
    * Deliver renders according to agreed schedule and specifications.
    * Work to improve knowledge of MPC\'s lighting and rendering pipeline.

    Experience & Skills

    * Substantial production lighting experience
    * Advanced understanding of techniques and technologies related to CG rendering and compositing
    * Thorough understanding of production pipelines
    * Proven technical and creative ability in a broadcast or feature-film production environment
    * Strong problem-solving skills
    * Working knowledge of a production renderer, particularly PRMan
    * Knowledgeable understanding of linux/unix-based operating systems
    * Python and MEL scripting experience an advantage

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