S3 Graphics Announces OmniChrome Add-in Card

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    <p align="center">S3 Graphics Announces OmniChrome Add-in Card for a True Hi-Def DirectX 9.0 Multi-Function Multimedia Experience
    Based on DeltaChromeS4 Nitro, the new OmniChrome is a high specification multi-functional AGP8X PC graphics platform featuring a TV-Tuner, video input, Hi-Defâ„¢ HDTV capability, Chromotionâ„¢ programmable video technology and hardware DirectX 9 acceleration for the video enthusiast</p>Computex, Taipei, Taiwan, 3 June 2004 -
    S3 Graphics Co., Ltd, a leading supplier to the 3D graphics accelerator market, today announced the OmniChrome Hi-Defâ„¢ multimedia AGP card platform for the PC add-in board market. Offering end users a new hardware choice for video and entertainment centric applications, OmniChrome is based on the new state-of-the-art APG8X GPU, the DirectXâ„¢ 9.0 DeltaChromeS4 Nitro from S3 Graphics.

    The OmniChrome brings HDTV component Video In and Video Out (VIVO) to the all-in-one multifunctional multimedia add-in board market, restating S3 Graphics’ continued support of the Microsoft Media Center Edition Initiative.

    OmniChrome features the latest 3rd generation high sensitivity and compact desktop video tuner modules, the 1216 and the 1236ME MK3 from Philips Electronics and a Techwell video decoder. Users of analogue video devices will be able to bridge the digital divide and capture real time video using S-Video, composite and component input directly into various digital formats and perform Hi-Def digital media playback HDTV resolutions using the boards Hi-Def VIVO functionality. Personal Video Recording and TV Time shift/pause TV functionality are also supported.

    “We are very excited about introducing OmniChrome to the European market. The Club-3D OmniChrome board will be one of the most highly featured graphic boards in its class, representing great value for money, and a natural extension of our existing TV tuner solutions,†said Marco Wellermann, Marketing Manager of Club-3D, a leading supplier of high quality graphics solutions in Europe. “We are delighted to be selected as S3 Graphics’ launch partner in Europe, and through close cooperation with them, we hope to drive brand recognition and brand awareness in the European Market.â€

    Unique features such as the Chromotionâ„¢ Programmable Video Engine significantly enhance the capabilities of OmniChrome when compared to currently available alternatives, as well as challenge the imagination of the creative end user. Another distinct advantage is ultra-high quality, Hi-Def HDTV capability to fully visualize the video output of any source without the need for quality reducing conversion dongles or other patch solutions.

    The feature set of the OmniChrome encourages its use in a home entertainment setting, an environment that highlights another of this product’s district advantages – the DeltaChromeS4 Nitro based OmniChrome solution will boast the lowest power of any card of its type in the market. This eliminates the noise intrusion from over-engineered cooling solutions adopted by power hungry competitor’s solutions, essential for a personal entertainment environment.

    “The launch of OmniChrome represents an important milestone for S3 Graphics, as we have transitioned from a graphics chip company to a complete solutions provider,†said Dr. Gerry Liu, VP of Marketing at S3 Graphics Inc. “S3 Graphics has a long tradition of making media centric graphics processors – all the DeltaChrome family of GPUs feature native Hi-Def and the Chromotion Video Engine – that enhance the digital media experience while staying focused on the demands of gaming. OmniChrome demonstrates our commitment to providing total graphics solutions, feature rich and cost effective for all PC users, not just specific vertical markets.â€

    OmniChrome will be available from S3 Graphics’ board vendor partners and will be sold through their worldwide distribution, OEM and retail channels.

    About S3 Graphics
    S3 Graphics Co., Ltd., a VIA Technologies joint venture company, is a leading supplier to the 3D enabled PC graphics market it pioneered. Today, S3 Graphics ships high performance consumer graphics cards to desktop board manufacturers and low power, high performance, Commercial Grade 3D graphics sub-systems to top tier notebook manufacturers. In addition, S3 Graphics integrates market-leading chipset technology from VIA Technologies, Inc. into shared memory architecture products for the high volume, value PC market. Headquartered in Fremont, California, S3 Graphics has a long-term commitment to top performance, quality and state-of-the-art features for desktop and mobile applications. Additional information can be found at the Company’s website at www.s3graphics.com .
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    This is good, but when? In fact, when will ANY *Chrome be here?

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