Ryzen Laptops and Freesync

Discussion in 'PC Purchasing Help' started by sir doris, Oct 6, 2019.

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    I'm looking for an entry level laptop for my daughter for Christmas, and thinking a Ryzen APU is the way to go with Vega 8 being more capable than the Intel offerings for gaming.

    However I was wondering if any of the Ryzen APU based laptops support Freesync or more likely VESA Adaptive Sync (due to the limited frequency range of affordable laptops), as most modern(ish) games will likley be hovering around 30 fps. She's not going to be playing the latest AAA games as she's only 8, but she'll want to play Overcooked, Sonic Racing Transformed, some Lego games, Ori, and whatever comes out in the coming years.
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    Dunno but I think you must also check reviews and customer reviews.

    My workplace's asus rog with ryzen CPU + rx580 + freesync monitor can't have the freesync active even when it's enabled in the Radeon panel.

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