RIP Alexi Laiho 1979 - 2020 (Children of Bodom)

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    Alexi Laiho, best known from Children of Bodom, died late last year (28. - 31.12, they didn't tell exact date, just "in 2020, last week") at the age of 41.

    Cause of death isn't public, but he has had health issues for years now. Many suspect that the repeated peptic ulcer diseases, ruptured esophagus and other related issues could have caused stomach cancer which are often aggressive.

    Laiho was considered one the best and quickest (metal) guitarists out there. He was the lead singer, guitarist, lyricist and composer for Children of Bodom, the band they buried late 2019. He founded new band called Bodom After Midnight and they had finished 3 songs and one music video before his untimely death. They will be released posthumously as EP and video.

    Some might find some poetic irony in Laiho's untimely death, considering how his lyrics are often about death and dying, and surviving one suicide attempt in late 90's.

    and from his last gig, with Bodom After Midnight, just couple months ago

    and just because

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