Resident Evil 4 - Remake [XBSX|S, PS4, PS5, PC]

Thats interesting points, VIllage had imo good reconstruction but vegetatioin looks like crap. In re4r also hairs looks terrible.
what games are we comparing it too for the hair? They look good to me
If this game has cut content, a lot of people will be biased. They will defend it regardless.

Wait and see! ;)
It does have cut content according to some videos I ve seen but I am not aware of the added content if any.
But if the game retains enough and it is a great experience people will still talk positively
well, I've been playing for about an hour. After playing countless A and AA games as of late, most of them coop/split-screen, it feels quite different to play a modern game. Runs okay for me at 4K with RT on -60fps, except when you use the binoculars in the initial village- and FSR2 Balanced or Quality. Wish they added DLSS and XeSS too.

The production values are quite high. There are some details that don't look good, like puddles.

I can't recall most of the classic game, since I only ocmpleted it once and sold the GC (I had purchased it 'cos of F-Zero GX and RE4), so it's like playing a new game for me, although I remember the first stage relatively well, and many other details here and there.
I beat it yesterday. While I could see that they changed a lot of aspects of the game, it was more faithful to the 2005 game than what Capcom did with RE2 and 3 during the last several years.
Is the strand hair really low-poly in gameplay on PC too?

Looks fantastic in cutscenes but pretty bad in gameplay on PS5.
Is the strand hair really low-poly in gameplay on PC too?

Looks fantastic in cutscenes but pretty bad in gameplay on PS5.
Not in my opinion. Looks really great.

This is the PC high setting. Normal looks quite a bit worse and doesn't handle different lighting conditions as well.. but it's probably still a bit better than what the consoles are using.
Are gaming forums dead? The reason I believe they are pointless spots to contribute on now, is because I made threads about RE4 on two other busy forums, and yet as of my writing this, I didn't gain any replies so far. That's sad if you think about it. The game just came out on the 24th as well!

That's certainly a common issue online these days. Forums are just not worth a toss anymore. The users either don't want to acknowledge you because I think deep down, they know I am right. Or like I said, nobody really uses forums much anymore. So it's like you're in a bar, drunk, just yapping to the first drunk sod who feels like having a chat.

Anyway, I still think RE4 is overrated. I finished it a few weeks ago. There was a lot of cut content. But I must say, it was otherwise quite good, and the cut stuff didn't drastically lower my feelings on the game, but I felt as if the new puzzles were a bit on the irritating side, initially. Although what gets up my nose is how unscary games like RE4 and 5 truly are. It's one of the primary reasons RE went downhill in the first place, in my opinion.

To be honest, I think the idea of a guy carrying an armoury in a backpack is highly dumb. When you can purchase Rambo's arsenal as opposed to finding random guns in drawers or locked rooms in a decaying city, it's just not really a horror game anymore. Also, part of the problem is that they've constantly used the same iconic characters throughout different mediums since the franchise began, some three decades ago.

Now I'm not saying I don't like the protagonists coming back. But they've certainly did this zombies gig so many times, they cannot be terried of what's going to come their way. And they can use all of these cool martial arts moves, which just looks corny.

As boring as Ethan Winters is, at least he was a new fish in a rather large pond. So maybe that's the way to go. But I mean, please don't hide his or her face in the future. You know?

You can bring in new characters, but there's no need to present them as being so monotone, and this just comes across as dull.
I dont think gaming forums are dead. It's more that RE games do not appeal to the vast majority of gamers when compared to social games that are multiplayer focused. Not everyone cares for the horror survival games, so they NOPE right out of them.
I have mixed feelings about the remake. It's well made and everything, but I don't really enjoy this remake concept. It's mostly like playing the original again, and I think I'd rather play the original, but it is somewhat fascinating to see their freshened take too.

It plays fine and I haven't had any control problems. I'm running it on PC, on a 12600K with a 1080 Ti pushing 4K thanks to AMD FSR2. Like maximum settings and I just put FSR2 on performance which I think looks better than using 2560x1440.

I guess my one problem would be it seems too dark. I cranked the brightness up. I feel like there's a lot of black crush if you follow their HDR calibration guidelines. This has been the case with all these modern RE games.
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I think they're just remaking the games because they're money hungry. And it's easy to do when consumers are so enamored with these games.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. But ultimately, I think this has been the case for years now. Capcom cares about the money.

They didn't know how to move the franchise ahead in 2005, so they made the games into action. Fans hated that direction after a while, so they gave us RE7, which people generally saw as a fine return to the initial appeal the series started with. But I feel like they played us after this. Then RE8 was back to action because of the alleged feedback Capcom received for 7. Stuff about it being too scary.

Really. When a new game aimed at horror fans is said to be too scary, I think they're playing the wrong franchise.

That just sounds like a blatant excuse for why they keep changing the genres. Because in my opinion, RE7 was not scary, and even the original game is scarier despite how old it is.

If anything, it was a boring, Leatherface knock-off. They copied other horror movies as well, and gave us all of these cheap, lousy jump scares. But it wasn't that scary.