Renegade repair thread

Pretty sure this massive effort is to avoid that, they won't return it until it's fixed because if it breaks for the same reason I think it's eligible.

You should check your state lemon laws as there may be several qualifying criteria including the number of days its been out of service. Passing a certain numbers of repairs for the same problem can also qualify. In California, more 4 failed attempts to repair the same problem or more than 30 days out of service qualifies a car to be repurchased or replaced by the manufacturer.
Digi I feel for you but for god's sake why do you keep driving those plastic freedom shit mobiles instead of buying terrorists/freedom fighters car of choice and just be done with it?
I've driven a 2010 Infiniti M35x for 10-11 years now as my daily driver. She has over 166000K on her but she's still in great shape and not only does what I want/need her to do but does it very well, very quickly, and in great comfort. I still smile everytime I drive her still, her name is Emmy.

I did not choose any of the Jeeps nor was I in favor of their purchase, but around here I don't make those decisions. The Jeeps are my wife's thing, she had a CJ-7 back in the 80s and a lot of fond memories of it she's trying to recapture with her current ones. Not gonna knock her if it's what makes her happy, but I don't think I'll ever be a Jeep fan except for the normal fun I have with fixing broken things or upgrade projects.

Next up for me when I'm healthier is a full tune up for Emmy. She needs new plugs, oil, and mebbe an 1/8" plenum expansion to improve performance/efficiency by getting a bit more air to my back 2 cylinders. Did I mention Emmy is uber comfortable? Most comfortable car I've ever sat in. Got her for cheap back in 2012 used and have never, ever regretted it. :love:
Called the dealer and my regular contact wasn't in. All they could tell me is they're waiting on a back ordered "coolant bypass thingy". I asked about lemon laws and they said it had to be in 3 times for the same repair. This is the third time and on Saturday they will have had it for 3 months this time, my usual guy is supposed to call me tomorrow about it.
Almost 4k on the brand new loaner and when I called the dealer today they told me they were waiting on a part. They couldn't tell me what part or why since the normal service guy wasn't in, but the nice sales guy explained to me that it didn't matter how long the vehicle was in the shop it had to have been in for 3 times to get the same repair done and it failing to be fixed. I pointed out this was the 4th time we've had it in for the same problem and he just said, "Hmmm, you should be eligible for a claim then."

He's having Chris (the service guy I've been dealing with) give me a call later with more details, I also asked him to mention to Chris that he'd told me about the 3 times thing and I'm interested in making a claim.
Not eligible for lemon laws, jumping through corporate hoops to try and reach the Jeep side of the STAR thing to find out what's going on.
A few years ago my friend did the lemon law thing on a new F150. It kept leaking oil. He got it refunded pretty quick and bought a RAM 1500. I don't know why he didn't have any trouble but he is like 6'5" and always carries a piece.
A few years ago my friend did the lemon law thing on a new F150. It kept leaking oil. He got it refunded pretty quick and bought a RAM 1500. I don't know why he didn't have any trouble but he is like 6'5" and always carries a piece.
I'm 5'10" and don't own nor carry firearms. I prefer "curteously deferential" for an attitude. :p
Oh I am! Been on the phone with Jeep corporate where they're opening an investigation in to it and then spent some time on the STAR tech line where I learned that our vehicle is not a STAR case according to a VIN search even though the dealer told me they had it as a STAR case since June.

Called the dealer to get the STAR case number in case they messed up the VIN, as usual I'm waiting for them to call back. If nothing else I got corporate on 'em and investigating, made me feel a little better.

If they don't have a STAR case number to give me though it's going to get unpleasant. I can do unpleasant quite well, I just feel bad doing so.
I did not get my 9:30 call so at 11 I called them. My regular contact Chris was busy so they gave me his assistant Brian. I told Brian I just needed the STAR case number, he went to check.

He came back and told me there was no STAR case for our Jeep, they never started one and just diagnosed it inhouse...which means Chris has been lying to me since 6/19 according to my notes and he's been continually lying to me about it using it as an excuse for the delay. I thanked Brian sincerely since he told me more than the dealership has in the past 3 months and asked him to have Chris call me before the end of the day or my lawyer would be contacting them tomorrow.

Gonna get on the phone with Jeep FCA Customer Care. Not really sure what they do or can do, but yesterday the opened a case on it and gave me a case number and said an investigator would be contacting me in a few days. I think I'll inform them of this development.
Got a call from the Jeep FCE specialist yesterday. They contacted the dealer and told me they talked to the head of repairs and he said the parts had just come in and the renegade woulde be ready tomorrow.
I said,"Was his name Chris? Because he's told me that a lot too"

Turns out he lied to her about a bunch of stuff when we compared notes so they're getting all the documentation to review and are preparing to file a complaint against the dealership...but she advised me not to do that until we get our jeep back which I get. She's following up on progress daily with me and the dealer, so I sort of feel like they're doing something. Just more waiting.

Big thing that bothered me is he's claiming it was brought back for different problems each time, which is just factually incorrect and the documentation shows that. Why did he think he could lie about that?

This is gonna end ugly, but it will end.