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Discussion in 'Beginners Zone' started by sir doris, Apr 18, 2007.

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    May 9, 2002
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    I'm looking for a good book/ books to get into playing with Direct3D, simple 3D engines, clipping, meshes, etc..

    I wrote a few Glide demos in C++ years ago at university, but have been using SAS, SQL, MySQL and PHP since then.

    However now I want write a few demos just for my own amusment, as i've got a few things in mind. I'm not really interested in the latest effects like shaders/ lighting/etc... yet ;)

    I'm really looking for a book which will get me started from setting up the dev environment to getting some sample code to run.

    Help with the basics of Windows programming might be nice as my knowledge of such stuff is limited, again I haven't touched it since uni and haven't got a clue about things like MFC.

    Online resourses would also be good but I'd much rather work through a book and use online resourses as an addition to the text.

    Any help gratefully received :)

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