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    Refer to https://jobs.qualcomm.com/public/jobDetails.xhtml?requisitionId=1907872&page=jobSearch

    Qualcomm uses a centralized recruiting process designed to allow applicants to be reviewed by multiple hiring managers and departments by applying to a single posting. If you are involved in any part of the Graphics and Multimedia Hardware, you should apply to this posting.

    Qualcomm's Graphics System Team is responsible for the development of end to end and system on chip (SOC) architectural solutions for next generation of graphics processing units (GPUs) and compute devices. The team is currently seeking candidates across a broad range of technologies, listed below, and part of the application process is a brief questionnaire that will allow you to communicate your particular interests to Qualcomm’s technical recruiters who review each applicant. These positions range from entry-level to Principal/Director, although most do not include functional management responsibilities. The technical disciplines available on this team are:

    Post-Silicon GPU Development Engineers - to support the bring-up of commercial OpenCL/OpenGL/D3D/2D drivers of our GPU cores

    Explore new use cases and application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable new functions and future user experiences

    Develop innovative and cost effective architectures for next generation of GPUs and compute devices
    Develop advanced graphics algorithms (compression, HSR, Anti-aliasing etc.) Do precision analysis and image quality analysis
    Develop performance & power models and perform deep analysis on to proposed architecture & algorithms against widely selected benchmarks & games
    Prototype driver on new features & architectural models, and also support pre-silicon verifications
    Develop compiler & solutions for graphics shader programs and compute kernels
    Develop bitwise accurate functional models (C-model) (by using C/C++ etc) to simulate our new architectures and solutions
    Develop solid test suites and perform functional & performance verification & validation with the C-Model and RTL simulation
    Develop / maintain powerful regression system and auto tools to improve delivery quality and efficiency
    Perform conformance tests, stress & random tests and stabilize GPUs & Compute systems
    Support production: Fix bugs, Optimize / fine tune SOC solutions on real silicons or devices from driver, compilers, GPUs and DRAM structures etc
    Engage with key customers and promote / enable our technology / solutions in customers’ devices.

    Qualcomm is the largest fabless design company in the world, generating over $15 Billion in annual revenues from chipsets and royalties from intellectual property and is consistently ranked near the top of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to work for”. Qualcomm provides hardware, software and related services to nearly every mobile device maker and operator in the global wireless marketplace. Our chipsets power a variety of products; tablets, smartphones, e-readers and other devices, and our digital design team is at the core of all of them. Depending on your technical area, you will be responsible for becoming a subject matter expert and go-to person for other members of your team. The environment is fast-paced and requires cross-functional interaction on a daily basis so good communication, planning and execution skills are a must.
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