Publishing games/apps on PC (can we also talk about console?)

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by orangpelupa, Apr 28, 2020.

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    So I usually only publish on Android, but now planning to also publish on PC. Maybe also publish on Xbox if MS allowing it. Sony is a no, because it needs JP address for Asia devs. Nintendo is... confusing. There's no "Switch" on my dev panel, only 3DS and Wii U :(

    maybe this thread also can be a place for discussing game/app publishing. Some question from me,

    Basically i just need to buy this for every single thing i want to publish?

    Windows Store
    This is weird. says one time fee. But i already paid the one time fee many years ago, on Windows Phone era. Heck, even on that page, the form got automatically filled with my dev info from those years ago.
    1. so... is this time the one time fee truly one time?
    2. Does being Windows Store dev automatically allows me to publish on Xbox? or i need to apply separately on ID@XBOX programme? Because the dev dashboard labelled it as "Windows & Xbox"
    3. It seems ID@XBOX programme is totally free? But if you want to publish on WIndows Store, still need to pay the Windows Store one time fee.
    General question
    1. How long your app/game usually held for review? (steam, windows store, etc)
    2. What platform you prefer, and why?
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    some time ago I went to a conference where some video game programmer who had published a game on the Nintendo Switch and had read the manual Nintendo sent to him, told us that when it comes to Steam, 30% of the game's price goes for them, the rest for the developer. Also told us that publishing on the Windows Store was positive for him 'cos statistically wise, 30% of the users visit the Windows Store and people usually buy stuff.

    Other than that I have no experience publishing apps or anything. Good luck

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