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    This question is slanted towards people with knowledge of silicon processes and the transitions from one to another(smaller process). If ATI, nV or any other ihv knew everything then projects/products would progress smoothly from design to development and production with predictable costs, no mistakes and to an expected and planned budget, clearly this doesn't happen;

    Are there general things that can be learnt from moving to a new process(early) that will stand a company in good stead for their next transition to a subsequent even lower process? What I am getting at is if nV moved to .13 earlier than ATI and the process was not quite as mature as it could have been, could nV have learned lessons that will help them in their move to .09?

    I rarely post due to lack of knowledge(you're all geeks :)) but was wondering if lessons learnt from the 5800 days with nV would help them in the transition to .09.....


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