Playstation 5 [PS5] [Release November 12 2020]

I never knew they didn't have this functionality:

Some PS4 games worked like this, many didn't. Since the original PlayStation, different versions of games (regions, languages, physical vs digital, original, definition vs platinum releases) could come with different game IDs so the console had no f***ing idea if your disc install was the same as the digital licence you just acquired - and this probably got worse with the curse of pre-order bonus/exclusive content.

I have never understood the reason for this, PlayStation hardware and games have never been region locked.
Super offtopic, but I finally got the chance to play Mark Cerny's debut game Marble Madness!

They have it at Mikado game center in Tokyo, I would really recommend a visit there (it was the most amazing arcade/game center I have ever been to!).
Moved the expansion discussion into an existing General Expansion Topic:

It's going to be interesting to see where monthly sales finally settle at once the spike from the unfulfilled demand is finally satisfied. I think PS5 has had the longest period of unfulfilled demand of any console in my memory.

Big profits for Sony on sales of PS5s and camera sensors.

forecasts for greater PS5 sales on greater availability.

time for price cuts and or PS5 Pro next year?
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Some Sony exec was quoted as saying they can now get PS5 to anyone who wants one or will be able to in the next fiscal year.