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Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by warcrow, May 25, 2018.

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    Happy release day! :)

    Ok so who is getting the game?

    I've been playing this game over the last few days and its just as lovely and zen and fantastic (and HARD!) as the original, and that's coming from someone who adores the first one. My only gripe is the overhead camera is closer in PJM2 than in PJM1, but you can use the right-stick to scroll around which helps. I love the verticality added to the game. The maps have real cliffs (some are HUGE) that you have to run around or jump to (or avoid) and building towers atop elevated areas increases your tower's range--it's pretty cool!

    Anyway, I made a video of the very first level, on the easiest difficultly (it forces you to do this) and talked about my impressions of the game.

    Uploading my Rainbows here if anyone needs help:

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