PCIe Integrators List Highlights New Chips

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    There’s been some discussion over the quality of ATI’s PCI Express interface, which appears to largely stem from the fact that they weren’t previously included on the PCI Express Integrators list. ATI had stated that the lack of inclusion on the list was merely a resource issue rather than anything “wrong†with their PCIe products, and that they have attended a recent qualification event in order to readdress the perceived issue. An update to the list adds a plethora of components that have been qualified, largely from ATI but also some from NVIDIA as well, however many of these highlight some of the immediate, but presently unannounced roadmaps.

    Along with the rest of ATI's "X" product line, the R430 and R480 chips, mentioned in the previous report, show up – R430 and R480 are expected to be refresh versions of R423 based on 110nm and 130nm low-k processes in order to increase the availability of ATI’s high end parts and also drive them a little more into the upper-mainstream price range. “GL†versions of RV410, R430 and R480 also appear on the list which are going to be FireGL versions of X700 and the new high end products. M22 and M26 are also listed, and given X600 is M24 these are likely to be Mobility versions of X300 and X700. RS400 and RS480 also appear on the list with RS400 described as “IGP - Host Bridge/Memory Controller Hub/Root_Complex†and “IGP - Host Bridge/Root_Complex†which would correlate to an Intel Pentium 4 and AMD 64 Integrated Northbridge chipset solutions.

    NVIDIA already had numerious products qualified and a few more have been entered in the latest update. Of the previously unannounced parts NV41M is listed – the “M†indicates mobile, and this is expected to be a 12 pipe chip with the same configuration to the GeForce 6800 standard. NVIDIA’s MXM mobile graphics memory module is also listed as being qualified, which indicates that products utilising the module may be closer to being released.
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    Why is NV45 posted as GeForce6800, 6800GT and 6800Ultra. Why not just GeForce6800? The ATi cards are not posted as Pro, XT etc.

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