On my car's recent break down and repair...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by digitalwanderer, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Just posted this in Slack to see if conversing worked there yet, thought I'd post it up here just to bitch. LOL

    BTW-Her front diff was really shot and her u-joint basically exploded, I knew I should have took her in earlier when I first heard some noises but like an idiot I put it off and am now paying the price...but at least $100 less plus whatever they would have charged for the "hard work" of clearing the code! (Choose "clear codes" from the options menu, VERY difficult on my $15 BT OBDII)

    "Cracked Front differential, destroyed front propeller shaft, damage to power steering hoses and engine block.", was the official diagnosis. Good news is the engine block damage was superficial, but the pictures are genuinely scary. I busted the SHITE out of my front differential. :/

    I'm still miffed about the codes though, for a "friend" this guy sure seems to nickel and dime people but with $100 bills. I could never, ever do that. (Thus why I ain't rich and he is I guess. <sigh> )

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