Oculus Quest | Meta Quest 2


Moderate Nuisance

I'm interested, but i would also like the app to directly stream my XsS local games so the quality would be a lot better.
I wonder if the input latency will be lower than XCloud on a TV? The controller is connected to the VR headset with integrated screen vs. to an Xbox that then outputs to a TV.

Shifty Geezer

That's three/four tiers of render target, rectilinear windows just composited, right? Nothing particularly fancy in the break-down. It's pretty effective even in a YT video, so long as you are looking in the right place!

That's really interesting. I bet is saves a ton of performance but it also introduces obvious shimmering that I bet would be visible even though it's in the peripheral vision.
It's quite a tough problem to fix. VRS could tone down specular highlights but then background info wouldn't be correct. Even if our peripheral vision is sucky, the information reaching is being 'supersampled' and not hugely subsampled like this, so there's no high frequency variation.

Off the top of my head, an irregular sampling pattern and gaussian should be very beneficial. But dealing with small highlights is going to post a problem. Temporal sampling could be applied in increasingly aggressive measure towards the lowest fidelity regions.