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    PhysX and APEX Links at Developer.NVIDIA.Com:

    "What’s the Difference between NVIDIA APEX and NVIDIA PhysX?

    NVIDIA PhysX is the physics engine that NVIDIA distributes, NVIDIA APEX is a development platform which makes the use of PhysX easier and more powerful. NVIDIA APEX is basically a new and more efficient way to take advantage of the NVIDIA PhysX engine"

    "Does this mean that all future UE3 games will automatically get a boost from an NVIDIA GPU or with the PhysX processor?

    All future games built on the NVIDIA APEX platform will have the ability to scale to GPU hardware acceleration (as well as across multiple core processors) without extensive engineering effort. As with any game development effort, it is ultimately up to the developer as to how much physics scale is appropriate to the game they are building and to what extent this will translate to use of the PhysX processor. "
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