NVIDIA Announces Availability Of GeForce 6600 GT AGP

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    <p align="center">NVIDIA Announces Immediate Availability Of GeForce 6600 GT For Agp-Based PC's
    NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT AGP Offers Supercharged Performance and Shader Model 3.0 Features for Computer Systems with AGP Slots</p>THEALE, BERKSHIRE-NOVEMBER 16, 2004 -
    NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), a worldwide leader in graphics and digital media processors, today announced widespread availability of NVIDIA(r) GeForce(tm) 6600 GT graphics processing unit (GPU)-based add-in cards for AGP-based PCs. GeForce 6600 GT-based graphics cards for the AGP bus are available today and in the coming weeks from the following partners:
    • Albatron Technology, Co., Ltd
    • Anextek Global Inc.
    • AOpen America, Inc
    • ASUSTek Computer International
    • BFG Technologies, Inc.
    • Biostar
    • Chaintech Computer Computer Co., Ltd
    • ELSA Japan
    • eVGA.com Corporation
    • Gainward Co. , Ltd
    • Gigabyte Technology Co, Ltd.
    • Galaxy
    • InnoVISION Multimedia Ltd.
    • Jaton
    • Leadtek Research, Inc.
    • MSI Computer Corporation
    • PNY Technologies, Inc.
    • Palit Microsystems, Inc.
    • Prolink Computer Inc.
    • Point of View
    • Sparkle Computer Ltd.
    • Sigmacomm
    • Triple D
    • Ennyah Technologies
    • Espco
    • Geminan
    • XFX
    These highly-anticipated holiday products can be found through leading
    Internet-based retailers Buy.com (www.buy.com), New Egg (www.newegg.com), and Tiger Direct (www.tigerdirect.com).

    "Since the launch of the GeForce 6600 GT for PCI Express, the gaming community has been raving about the price/performance ratio of this GPU and calling for it to be offered on AGP cards," said Dan Vivoli, executive vice president of marketing for NVIDIA. "NVIDIA has quickly delivered this award-winning GPU to the huge installed base of customers looking to upgrade their AGP-based PCs for new games such as Doom3, Far Cry, and Half-Life 2."

    "The GeForce 6600 GT is freaking awesome. For $199, it offers performance in league with cards that cost upwards of 300 bucks, and it positively crushes all current competition at anything below that price," said Scott Wasson, editor in chief of Tech Report (http://www.techreport.com) in his review of the GeForce 6600 GT for PCI Express bus. "For most of us, though, an AGP version of the 6600 GT would be just about perfect."

    As an extension of the award-winning GeForce 6 Series, the GeForce 6600 GT graphics processor is the first AGP midrange GPU to support Microsoft(r) DirectX(r) 9.0 Shader Model 3.0, and a superscalar architecture for unprecedented performance. Only NVIDIA GPUs offer NVIDIA UltraShadow(tm) II technology to deliver blazing speeds on next-generation, shadow-intensive games such as Doom 3.The GeForce 6600 GT GPU also features NVIDIA PureVideo(tm) technology, a combination of hardware and software that brings consumer electronics-quality video to the personal computer. Backed by the NVIDIA ForceWare(tm) software suite and Unified Driver Architecture (UDA), the GeForce 6600 GT GPU delivers industry-renowned compatibility and reliability for a great user experience.

    For additional details and list of partners, please log on to http://www.nvidia.co.uk

    About NVIDIA
    NVIDIA Corporation is a worldwide leader in graphics and digital media processors. The Company's products enhance the end-user experience on consumer and professional computing devices. NVIDIA GPUs (graphics processing units), MCPs (media and communications processors), and WMPs (wireless media processors) have broad market reach and are incorporated into a variety of platforms, including consumer and enterprise PCs, notebooks, workstations, PDAs, mobile phones, and video game consoles. NVIDIA is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. For more information, visit the Company's Web site at www.nvidia.co.uk

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