NV31/NV34 to have same basic feature set as NV30

Discussion in 'Architecture and Products' started by KimB, Jan 25, 2003.

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    May 28, 2002
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    From this interview:

    This says, to me, that the NV31 and NV34 products will support the same basic programmability as the NV30 (though perhaps with different instruction length support).
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    Aug 28, 2002
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    Yep. It was pretty much supposed, but it's a nice confirmation.
    Having 512 PS length ( or less ) on the NV34 PS seems like a given...

    And that quote is pretty much a direct confirmation of my whole NV3x: VSA-100 and Strategical Advantages ( posted at www.notforidiots.com ) speculation. But it would seem from that nVidia decided to use that flexibility to have more solid desktop/workstation/mobile solutions, and not to diversify in other markets as I had supposed. Ah well, I guess they'll do so soon enough anyway.

    CineFX pretty much means NV3x, it seems. Intellisample, on the other hand, doesn't, as we know the NV34 won't support Color Compression.
    I think one of the most expensive ( in transistors ) feature of CineFX, beside the huge instruction lengths, is Dynamic Branching. It requires a whole architecture which is significantly more complex ( the VS architecture in the GFFX is probably more efficient, but a lot more expensive ) , and thus costs more. Good thing we'll have it on low-end so soon :)


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