Need opinions - Dell G7 series or mini itx build?

Discussion in 'PC Hardware, Software and Displays' started by sanjeev2.k, May 6, 2020.

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    May 5, 2020
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    Hi everyone,
    I am from India. Am considering getting a new computer with a midrange discrete gpu ( preferably one of the upcoming nvidia ampere *060 SKUs).
    My requirements are as follows:-
    1) I am not a gamer - will mainly use it to pursue my hobby of graphics programming (OpenGL, Ray tracing, Geometric modeling , CUDA etc. I wrote my first CPU ray tracer way back in 1989).
    2) Will definitely use it with a monitor due to back posture considerations.
    3) In terms of portability, will mainly use it around the house, but will have to move it from room to room.
    So given the above - am considering either an assembled mini itx build ( cooler Master 110 case which is available in India) or a dell g7 15 laptop ( when it gets refreshed with the Ampere series)
    So - does anyone here have real life experience with the Dell G7 series - particularly w.r.t
    - build quality
    . - longevity of the components (My son's bog standard Inspiron lasted only for 4 Years)
    . - battery life
    . - GPU performance ( Dell' site does not specify clearly if it's laptops are equipped with the MaxQ variants of the GPU or the mobile variant. The MaxQ variant frequency are much less compared to the mobile or desktop Variant)

    I am mainly considering Dell as its a well established brand in India - their support and parts inventory is quite decent in my city. The G series was also recommended by Anandtech in the past in the budget mid range category.
    I am aware the XPS and Alienware brands are more well regarded, but their prices are way beyond my budget at least here in India.
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    I’d get a itx or matx setup, this set up will run much cooler than a laptop and can last you A lot longer, laptops generally don’t last as long as a well put together mini pc in a good case with good cooling.

    I’m still rocking a Intel 3570k, ASUS ROG mATX mb and Nvidia mid end graphics card - this setup is back from 2012 and still running great!.
    I made a decision to spend extra and buy a good case (many cheap but good options here ) with good cooling, a big chunk went on the MB and power supply, it has paid off.

    are there not custom builders in India who can build a pc for you on the cheap?
    Start putting a list or parts together and a budget and cost of items, there will be plenty that can help you.
    If you’re going for Nvidia Ampere then you can wait for next gen AMD Ryzen 4700k? 65w model cpu.


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