Need For Speed Payback (Ps4, XBox, PC)

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    1,094 there isnt even a thread about it here and that is exactly how much interest I had for this game too....but I have been playing the EA Access Trial for this game on my laptop and I just cant understand the negative reviews this game has received ! All major sites have given 5-7 in their reviews, but from what i have played:

    • The game has superb handling which is more nuanced than arcade games like the Crew but not so sim-like , like Horizon 3, that I cant enjoy anything.
    • Each car feels different and requires u to adjust.
    • The off road races are super fun and so are the drifty mountainside races that are available in the trial.
    • GFX are top notch and superb, not Horizon 3 level but desert is near photorealistic and it works.
    • It borrow heavily from the good aspects of The Crew and Forza Horizon 3 to make sure u r constantly engaged and rewarded.
    • The story gets out of the way after the awkward nfs standard prologue and never interferes. in fact the banter between characters in the races adds to the mood and doesn't feel forced or cringeworthy.
    • Getting new cars feels very exciting as cars actually differ in their performance and on top of that u can spec ur car as u like so, you know if u like a car a lot, just make it the beast you want to.
    • The only negative I felt was that the world feels lifeless, unlike NFS MW 2012 where it felt very busy and alive. This can creep in sometimes and I cannot comment how it will feel later in the game.
    • Progression feel unclear at the start but once u r two hours in, u realise its actually very simple and its like The Crew where u attach Parts/cards u get after each race or , in this case, buy with in game money. Which means u have total control over what u buy. The reviewers seemed to suggest it was not.
    • Microtransactions are not in the face and are behind a separate screen and I did not find myself going there at all.
    • Police AI seems nothing like its nothing to write about. Boxes that you ram into. thats all.
    • You cannot takedown opponents in a race :( !!!!! Why !?!?! In fact, the game does not feel like Burnout at all.

      Thats what I feel from the trial, after playing for 5 hours. The reviews seemed to suggest a crab trash of a game, which it does feel like initially for a hour or two, but then you get your cars and you spec your cars and it gets going ! I just felt like sharing my views as the journalist perception of the game is totally opposite of what I felt playing it. It feels like they wanted an instant gratification ride which they could quickly end to put out a review whereas this game wants to be a Car RPG like the Crew and wants you to find cars, spec them to your liking and take your time.

      I would say if you can, spend those 10 hours in it that EA access lets you play in its trial and give it a chance. It felt good and I will play it more too and see how it goes but the reviews just seem to have been unjust and uncalled for. Yes, world doesn't have the personality of earlier NFS games but the rest is all good, IMO.

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