MIT Students Experience PS3's Cell

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    Haven't been posting at B3D much in the past few years, but since I'm an MIT student now, I thought I'd add my two cents.

    MIT students are pretty normal, although some of them deliberately foster a geek/nerd mentality - they tend to live on east campus, and do most of the hacks you hear about online. (Recent hack - Jesus the ride: A crucifix attached to a giant trebuchet-like object, ~7 meters high, with ~150 kg counterweight, made entirely from scrap lumber)

    I gotta admit that, in general, MIT students don't have quite the social polish of the Harvard students up the river, but really, by the time you're 25, it doesn't matter what school you go to, it's your personality that determines your social skills. And with BU, Tufts, other schools around, finding your own crowd isn't hard.

    As to the PS3 class, I don't anyone who took 6.189, so, yeah, dunno. I'll ask around.

    Here's the website:
    If you're wondering why the class is only 4 weeks, it's an IAP class, a winter break class.
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    Heya guys,

    Cell programming is pretty fun. IBM came by a couple of weeks ago and gave a 2 day cell tutorial here at the UofM. I could easily see a group of determined students doing interesting things with a month of play time.


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