Microtransaction hell: Forza Horizon 3

Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by RobertR1, Mar 5, 2017.

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    First of all, let me say that FH3 is one of my favorite driving games of all time. With that out of the way, let's get right to it.

    The star attraction of a driving game are the cars. In FH3, the car values are meant to mimic their real life values such as a McLaren F1 GT will be 4mil+ Thus $1 = 1 in game credit. Pretty cool actually. However, there's a problem in how in game credits work:

    - You get very limited credits from actually racing and playing the game
    - Having completed the game and well beyond, I accumulated less than 10mil credits. You can spend this on a couple of cars in game for reference
    - As you level up you get "perk points" which can be used for perks some of which include using the tokens for credits. A couple of of those max out at 100k credits before that resource is depleted
    - There is no "winning" cars by advancing. After a certain amount of levels (like a RPG) you earn a free wheel spin. Within that spin you can either win credits or a car but it's a pretty random event like a wheel spin would be
    - There are special "barn finds" which will gift you a car but those of these are gimmicky

    The above are annoying but liveable. Now this is where it gets really unpleasant:

    - While you buy cars via credits from the garage, there is no option to sell them back and reclaim any percentage of credits!
    - You can only sell them to the auction house which is a major hit and miss and requires some time commitment on your end
    - Because you cannot sell the cars ingame, the auction house gets flooded with commonly won cars from wheel spins thus it's not an effective means of credit accumulation
    - This also means the more expensive cars which don't seem to show up in the wheelspin retain very high values even on the auction house
    - There is no option to test drive cars to get your fill. You have to buy them to experience them

    So why is all this designed the way it is? quite simple. FH3, outside of traditional DLC of cars, car packs and tracks, has microtransaction economy for buying cars also.

    By artificially limiting your credit, not rewarding cars with any decent frequency and not allowing you to sell your cars to the in-game dealer, you're left with these options:
    - Grinding for credits by running the same race over and over
    - Hoping for the best at the Auction houses and spending a fair bit of time on it
    - Paying for the cars via real currency which is the sole intent of setting up such a currency policy in game

    As I have transitioned to a casual gamer, I'm not sure how standard this trend is across other genres. What does this mean for me? It'll make me not buy games day and date until I hear end user feedback. If the core game is artificially fenced in by microtransactions, I'll just skip it.

    If any ex or current developers want to shed the light on this is being broadcasted internally, I'd be very curious to hear it.
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    Don't play any Ubisoft games :lol:
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    Nice post Robert.

    That is exactly why there are so many gimmicky videos out there on youtube showing how to "game the system" by either getting the most experience points per race perhour or even the highest number of credits per race per hour.

    FH3 is really a remarkable great looking free-driving game but it has major missteps with the in-game credit system. Instead of being able to just drive, one is compelled to do exactly what the game wants you to do, such as completing specific races or pr stunts.

    I'm only on my second festival site because the forced leveling doesn't interest me as much as just driving along whatever area I'm in and taking in the scenery. I'm typically a game completionist, but I dont know if I'll ever get FH3 to the point where I can even experience Blizzard Mountain, since you need a festival site at the airport area to travel to that DLC.
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    That's generally good approach. I remember how I wasted so much time grinding credits in GT5 so I can buy cars I wanted to drive online. Fortunately other sim racing games are completely without credis so maybe Gran Turismo will follow suit.

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