Microsoft releases XNA Game Studio Express 1.0, opening up hobbyist 360 development

Discussion in 'Beyond3D News' started by Rys, Dec 12, 2006.

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    Just a quick one to say that Microsoft have finally release XNA Game Studio Express 1.0, which is the first public release of that tool to support Xbox 360 development by hobbyist programmers.

    It only supports development on Windows XP SP2 so far, with Vista compatibility coming as soon as the XNA team finalise it, and it requires you have Visual C# Express installed beforehand since it uses that tool as its base.

    360 development also requires a subscription to the XNA Creators Club, via your 360 console, at a cost of $99 a year or $49 for 4 months. Find more information on the <a href="">Game Studio Express</a> and <a href="">XNA Creators Club</a> homepages on MSDN.

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