MEME: Sony engineering better than everyone else *cleanup*

Discussion in 'Graphics and Semiconductor Industry' started by w0lfram, Jan 28, 2019.

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    Well, Boby Angeluv is ranting today about NUMA and windows threads affinity and some said that at microsoft features count and if you think about performance...

    Thats another way to put it and I don't disagree, but what about about my magical console from microsoft and at the same time diffrent from anything developed there? :-D is it already a time for it to only become name for some subsciption?
    On different note; xbox getting polite and civil with exclusives going Prasāda, UWP kinda sacrificed, edge html tossed for chromium? Whats all this ? is it only momentarily Satya inspired PR kumbaya or there is a new kind of catch ? You guys happened to trigger me on after this one to much unforeseen beer that if BRIT will split this to another Meme i will go to witcher thread teaching about proper polish country syntax and accents beloning to rendered bioms :mrgreen:

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