@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {}


How do you all feel about letting the colour scheme be determined by whatever the user prefers or the OS is set to, so we don't manually have to change it under Account ➡︎ Preferences ➡︎ Style?

All the cool boys and girls do it 😅
Could be neat. Not sure how it'll affect me as I use chrome dark mode
The feature was made to automatically detect the user preference .

My OS switches with the sun going up and down, so it would automatically switch between normal and dark mode depending on the time of day. That way your retinas don't get burned out from your eye sockets by opening a page with a fully white background at night :cool:
Does Xenforo only have 2 colour schemes light and dark ?
if there's more why not include them
Xenforo has as many styles as you want to add or create. It's designed to be fully open but doesn't come with light and dark historically.

B3D has light and dark.