Linux 3D Graphics and Video Decoding Support? [AMD, Intel, Nvidia]

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    What's the AMD, Intel and Nvidia story nowadays regarding 3D (OpenGL/Vulkan) and video decoding (4K 10bit HEVC) on Linux?

    Some years ago it was Nvidia > AMD > Intel for 3D graphics, while for video decoding it was Nvidia > Intel > AMD, with proprietary drivers usually besting opensource ones.

    The best option for decent 3D graphics and video decoding support used to be the Nvidia proprietary driver, but now I hear that video decoding is a mess since Nvidia has dropped VDPAU support and moved to CUDA-based decoding which is badly supported on Linux.
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    For AMD you definitely want the open source drivers, unless you need OpenGL 4.5, FreeSync, and a few other odd features for the time being. VDPAU is pretty effortless on open source and support should be down to hardware capabilities.

    On OpenGL Nvidia should be favored. Vulkan I'd say comes down more to the hardware, but would classify it as a work in progress with current game support in general. Phoronix is good about benchmarks.

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