Knights Landing Die size

As part of a briefing at SC15, Intel had a KNL wafer on hand to show off. From this image, we can see about 9.4 dies horizontally and 14 dies vertically, suggesting a die size (give or take) of 31.9 mm x 21.4mm, or ~683 mm2. This die size comes in over what we were expecting, but comes in line with other predictions about the route of the first gen, Knights Corner, at least. Relating this to transistor counts, we have a differing story of Charlie Wuischpard (VP of Intel’s Data Center Group) stated 8 billion transistors to us at the briefing but there are reports of Diane Bryant (SVP / GM, Data Center Group) stated 7.1 billion at an Intel Nov ’14 investor briefing, but we can only find one report of the latter. This would come down to the wobbly metric of 10.4-11.7 million transistors per square millimeter.


Soooo, now that you can build a gaming PC with KNL and a 980Ti: which engine can scale to 384 threads? *tongue pierces cheek*


Having two distinct memory type PHYs on a chip is going to eat quite a lot of that huge die.