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    Machine Translation:

    Part 1

    Weekly overseas news * of Hiroshige Goto

    SCEI Kutaragi president interview (part 1)

    "Computing is changed with PLAYSTATION 3. "

    Sony computer entertainment that will turn on PLAYSTATION 3(PS3) next year (SCEI).
    This company locates PS3 with the computer for the computer entertainment that exceeds the game machine. I asked Kutaragi Ken of President and Representative Director and group CEO that commanded this company for the vision of PS3 and the Cell computing.


    - Reason to make PLAYSTATION capital letter

    PLAYSTATION 3 with abundant functions and interfaces

    【Q】 If only the spec is seen, PS3 is a computer of a full function in complete. Why was even here made a rich composition?

    【 Kutaragi 】 we try to have done the computer for the entertainment that an adult who was not a game machine for the child but all over the world was able to enjoy from the beginning. It has been thought that the computer is thoroughly done. On the other hand, it comes here, and PC has finally arrived. Therefore, I want surely to do the following computer this time with the partner such as IBM.

    Thinking this time must change computing thoroughly. (computing)I want to change the paradigm. I want to do PS3 to the wind of all bench marks.

    【Q】 First, the place in which it aimed took the game machine in a general computer on the face of it.

    【 Kutaragi 】Is it game machine ……?When it is E3, playing a game it is a game machine, and the application also :. We want to do the computer entertainment really. We say the computer entertainment the announcement sentence for a long time though the other companies might say the game machine. When it is an entertainment and a computer. It is important there.

    As for PlayStation, all for the first time words were made “PLAYSTATION" of the capital letter by this three. Because Workstation was our dream computers, PlayStation was applied first. "PS" : because it applied the logo because PlayStation starts by P and S in the brand name. However, it is PLAYSTATION of the capital letter this time.

    Because it doesn't start even if whether this is PC because all PC boiled down in short, too or it is a game machine is said. It is thought that it entered the age what the following Playstation is. Therefore, PLAYSTATION is “The playstation". Eager is put for a moment and it does so.

    It had said as the arcade substrate and this function of the workstation were brought or state-of-the-art PC was made a game machine when it was Microsoft up to now. However, it is not so any longer. PLAYSTATION develops as PLAYSTATION.

    - The operation of the Cell processor sees and production begins to see the difference.

    【Q】 When PS3 is a computer, and the purpose is an entertainment.

    【 Kutaragi 】 It becomes a story what is interesting as the computer entertainment at the of course beginning as a game machine.

    In PS1, the factor of the most much differentiation whether 3D was made or did not make it. In PlayStation 2, it was a mission to bring 3D to the format of Shinglstandard, that is, complete NTSC and PAL resolution full-color completely. This time, computing everything becomes definite different with other platforms. A huge operation is done on the other side of the graphics, it sees, and production begins to see the difference.

    【Q】 The operations of various simulations, AI, and the synthesis etc. (synthesis) of a physical simulation etc. are done by the background.

    【 Kutaragi 】 Even if HD (high-definition) beautiful image can be displayed, it is calculated with the Cell processor, and externals are not rapidly rapid. However, it differs obviously in the operated one and the one only of conversion and putting if it often sees. It is felt that it is terrible because it operates it even if it sees. Up to now, it can enjoy contents to be able to do the one not having seen.
    Even if the graphics becomes HD, contents are the same when it is the other companies. It hardly operates it. Figecs (physical simulation) was not done, and movement was applied by the motion capture. Even if it is rapidly indistinguishable because of externals, such a difference is understood at once.

    【Q】 Is the respect understood to the software development person?

    【 Kutaragi 】 developer's people think that they can understand it. It was neither a demonstration of E3, nor Pricaricuration of Prirendaring, and it tried to calculate in real time then and there. In E3, a lot of demonstrations do various calculations back. The graphics also all does what movement you do by the operation. It can be up to now on Cell (In real time) ..being not able the operation.. if it is not extraordinary time. They will try to make the game that makes the best use of it.

    As for audio, no stone of the sound source (chip) either is natural. (Audio : with Cell. )Because it operates and it moves it. The voices how many are not the one but also sound sources ..sound source.. become objects.

    In our demonstration and the demonstration of the other side, such a device is obviously different. It differs ..more than externals... Many of people who participated in the press conference with E3 think that it was able to understand it. There is a difference only of it though a certain famous journalist said "3.5" more than thinking of "1.5" and PS Porotsu and Xbox.

    - It is a difference between PS3 and Xbox 360 that doesn't understand only in the spec table.

    【Q】 In Xbox 360 and PS3, the message is obviously different. Xbox 360 pushed the image that the game machine enhanced as a platform was able to be prepared out. PS3 emphasized the possibility of the technology.

    【 Kutaragi 】 Microsoft is declaring this time that it clearly goes after PlayStation. However, it is not PLAYSTATION 3 it and is PlayStation 2 that they run after. They do not know three as we make it. They are because they see two. Aiming, it is different.

    However, a lot of people do not think that the difference is understood even if only the spec table is seen. A similar misunderstanding has been done at PS1. It arranged and it was said indefinitely that it was both threeD with 3DO. It cracked, and CD-ROM ..piling up.. remark was serious in 3D though PS1 was said that 3D was neatly operated and the other side was not so. either
    This time, difference of PS3 and Xbox 360 when queuing up in the spec table. However, it was said that the people of the number of corresponding were not the specs, and may be seen by coming by you in E3. When going out actually (PS3 :), I think the more spread, and understanding.

    【Q】 Do for PC to have arrived to be say that the revolution is difficult, and it came to a standstill in PC dragged to the legacy?

    【 Kutaragi 】 (The computer today :)It is made the best use of in total even if there is a performance in an individual device and it doesn't cut. Various bottlenecks come out when combining. 3 if making the best use of and cutting . If the board of NVIDIA and ATI is put in Pentium 4 of X GHz, it is not possible to do though it should be able to be considerable.

    It is a bus, a load when moving at the same time, and various elements that say the total (Each Compornents :). This (The load is high) is not understood if not playing a game. We made architecture by all thinking about this. For instance, each SPE moves independently, the SRAM memory is attached there, and huge GPR (general register) is attached, too. A huge operation can be in real time done. Such architecture is important.

    - PLAYSTATION 3 is a plain message.

    The message of Sony computer entertainment (SCE) in PS3 is plain. Point that one makes entertainment complete "Computer" only this time. Point that another one constructs new computing paradigm. In a word, the game machine war frame was exceeded, and the computer for the genre of computer entertainment was pursued as a message.

    SCE's having typed out as the symbol brought the commodity brand name to "PS3" and the entire capital letter. There is pride that word PlayStation became not the brand name any longer but a general noun in this back though it is incomprehensible for a moment. Because I want to say that noun named Playstation became general noun that shows category such as Workstation and PCTherefore, when paraphrasing it, Kutaragishi specified that it was a collective noun purposely applying “the" to Playstation. Because in a word, concept named playstation is shown by “The playstation"

    This is a declaration that it doesn't take still, and Playstation aims at the next generation computer of post PC. In a word, it is content that Playstation establishes it as a category of the entertainment computer such as PC and workstations. Moreover, it also is hinted that Playstation of various form factors increases in the category named Playstation. The flow of the technology is not brought from other computers but Playstation has the shade of meaning of going in an original technical improvement repeatedly as Playstation.

    Actually, PLAYSTATION 3 understands from the interview and it is understood that it is large and the stance is different from PlayStation 2. Point that Kutaragishi's emphasizing it wants to do "Surely" computer only this time. Various elements like the flexibility etc. of a hard body and it enough though about PlayStation 2 it also aimed at it. However, it seems to be thought that IBM was able also to roll, and to pursue reformative architecture as a computer this time.

    In a word, the seat of the next generation computer is seriously aimed at this time. The vision of Kutaragishi is clear whether such a plan succeeds really apart from.

    Then, how about the game?If this is a computer that is clear the vision of SCE, and pursues the computer entertainment, the game's being able to become reformative, too is message. The reason is in the point that the reality can be given by simulating and synthesizing it using a huge operation ability on the other side of a real graphics.

    SCE emphasizes the point of the next generation architecture in the operation by the background for several years. Shinichi Okamoto who was CTO of SCE at that time was explaining that "Real-time CG + world simulation" was a target by the keynote speech of GDC(Game Developers Conference) in 2002. SCE showed presentation to emphasize such an element exactly as being also in the interview at the press conference at E3 o'clock of last month.

    Whether it infiltrates neither acceptance of the developer of such a vision actually nor has been understood yet. The SCE side is shape to have thrown a ball out to the developer for the time being.
    However, the talked point doesn't disagree extremely too much as a matter of fact about the future of the game technology as for Microsoft and SCE. ..J Allard of Microsoft (J and Arard).. (Corporate Vice President,Chie XNA Architect) also talks about the importance named a physical simulation and Proshejualshinseshis (generation of a real-time graphics element) of the operation of the background. Certainly, Cell is sure to be able to do even the level of about Xbox 360 it, too without trouble though rises the performance in such processing.

    However, how of the importance of the simulation of such a background and the synthesis as the message to type out is considerably different. Microsoft is atmosphere "The future is here" emphatically of SCE arranged as "One of the important game technologies". Therefore, the image is considerably different. This difference is a difference of the vision of the two companies. It is a difference with Microsoft that aims at the establishment of SCEI and the game platform in which it aims at the entertainment computer in the future.
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    Feb 25, 2005
    Part 2

    SCEI Kutaragi president interview (part 2)

    "Full function Linux is installed in HDD of PS 3. "

    - Age of network drive

    【Q】 Local HDD is not recorded by default though PLAYSTATION 3 is a spec only in that. Why is it?

    【 Kutaragi 】 HDD is not put in default. Because it is insufficient no matter how it puts it. The following are already correct and network drives. (Storage :. )In the Cell server, it is possible to access it from anywhere via the network. drive..see.Such the world.

    There is saying if HDD doesn't attach to the main body even if it says. Therefore, 2.5 inches HDD are put this time, and 80GB or 120GB enters. However because it is necessary to make OS the first with the unit though it is not worth at all. When the attestation of the computer is taken from ..terabite (..drinking.. storage).. here (server on the network) in the network drive with and I , unit, the drive where do the first of OS is needed.

    - OS is put because it is considered as a computer.

    【Q】 Is OS to use it as a computer made the first?

    【 Kutaragi 】Nintendo in saying and the same industry for a long time when we are computers asserts the desire that I am amusing to be a toy toward outside. Therefore, the public office seems that it is a toy though here makes the importing and exporting management at the super computer level necessary.

    Even PlayStation 2 is machine.. though moves a terrible chip like Emotion Engine to Linux making it. It was thought that it improved a little because Microsoft had come from the IT industry. However, because they do not want also to destroy their businesses, curettage is not said. Xbox is called a game machine because it dares to be thought that it embarrasses it when Windows moves by Xbox. It is unbearably troublesome.

    This time, it makes it to the location that we (PS3 :) are super computers. However, OS is made the first because of there is a person who doesn't see as a computer if not applying as a computer. Multi OS moves at the same time in Cell. Therefore, OS is moved as it is, and there is HDD because it is a yes computer.

    Therefore, …… and it is extra to think that it is likely to put it of Linux because of the beginning (To HDD). It will apply as computer

    【Q】 Linux comes out as OS moved on Cell.

    【 Kutaragi 】 Linux becomes the first chance in the legacy, too. Because OS is an application program for Cell, it is ..(.. ..laughter... )The kernel becomes a style that it moves with Cell (Haiparbaiza layer of Cell OS), and two or more OS is recorded on that (On a virtual machine) as an application program. Linux is . ..recording naturally... If Linux is recorded, any Lindows is recorded.
    Other..OS..vender..put..think..put.By chance, different OS might come out.

    - The ecosystem is turned with PLAYSTATION 3.

    【Q】 The person who writes the program on that comes out if there is OS. The ecosystem (ecosystem) should turn on Cell so that Cell may succeed as a computer. It is necessary to establish the ecosystem that a lot of people spontaneously write the program of Cell, and it presses the spread of Cell further.

    【 Kutaragi 】Does not the ecosystem turn when PLAYSTATION 3 goes out like being so before and Apple Computer is opened?Adobe came out even if Apple did not do everything, it came out what, it took, , ecosystem turned, and it rose when becoming Macintosh. PC was also originally so. Nevertheless (Microsoft : to Windows), because everyone absorbs it, ……. Oh dear, it is not understood though it might be aesthetics (result of expansion) what OS is.

    We had made it up to now, and the library was offered, and had been made in-house by the game software manufacturer. However, it might already be impossible. The width or more is necessary no matter what it does. However, I think that it becomes it so. For instance, synchronous software with iTunes came out from the surprise of us by PSP by the swift attack. Various one that moves on that comes out when it seems to be interesting.

    【Q】 When software that makes the best use of the advantage of Cell other than the game come to come out one after another, too.

    【 Kutaragi 】 It comes what kind of software for you to write on of what. For instance, software that edits the HD image is basically the same as the edit system of non-linear done in the broadcasting station. It is software at the level that try to do on PS3. It is more terrible though the edit system of non-linear is terrible when bringing it on that Cell. The difference comes into view to the wind of cutting it by the span though it manages to do also on PC if it is on PS3. Various applications on PC the other. For instance, photo retouch. I think that the software comes out fast (On PS3), too.

    User interface (UI) will become interesting, too. It is made to wait from UI of XP to the following Longhorn for years how many when it is PC. However, here develops faster. For instance, it enters "Minority Report" state if it is an interface (Application can be operated)(movie) operated in the gesture and the word like Itori (EyeToy). Naturally, such evolution is reflected in the game.

    【Q】 Is the Cell computer at that time PLAYSTATION 3 form factor?

    【 Kutaragi 】 This shape will spread most previously. It is possible to connect also with the keyboard, and all necessary mouths (interface) are attached. Media and the network are good at how much. The general-purpose one is an opening the so much.

    For instance, because it is possible to use it for all Linux to open when putting it (The programmer :), it is possible to do very. There is Shader about the graphics and it is the same (Provide with the programmability).

    - The ecosystem approval is a base of development.

    For Sony computer entertainment (SCEI) to aim with PLAYSTATION 3 as reported in the last interview article is to establish PS3 as a real entertainment computer. It is included to make not only the game but also a more variegated application run in that.

    However, SCE should start up "Ecosystem" for that with the Cell software. In a word, software doesn't increase then if the ecosystem cannot be tidied so that the business may consist if software for Cell is written. A positive spiral "Software more than → that the business comes to consist of the →Cell software that the number of those who use →Cell that software increases naturally increases appears in Cell" begins to turn when the ecosystem can be done once.

    Only this was a source of the success of PC and Macintosh as pointed out by Kutaragi. Therefore, PS3 aims at the same as for SCE. It seems to examine putting Linux OS of full by default in HDD this time for that. In a word, there is OS of a full function unlike the situation to date this time when PS3+HDD is bought, and it is presumed to come to be able to use it as a computer. Because software is expected increasing ..SCE.. ..troublesome ..all.... spontaneously if it does so
    Going out without fail when the executive of, Intel, and Microsoft criticizes Cell is a story of this ecosystem. For instance, the executive of Intel was talking about Cell so at Intel Developer Forum(IDF) of February this year. .."Sony should construct the ecosystem that supports this architecture" Justin Rattner (Jastin Ratonar).. (Intel Senior Fellow,Director,Corporate Technology Group). ..Craig R. Barrett of "Sony should bring the market a quite new software system" and "In a sense, it is more difficult to obtain OS and the application than to make the processor" (Craig and R and Barret).. (Intel,Chairman of the Board).

    To understand from the word of this Kutaragi is to understand this point as for the SCE side. In a word, the necessity for spreading OS is recognized as a soil where software arises. And, it tries to take a concrete means for that. Of course, the development environment that various elements are necessary, and matched to the structure and the programming model that Cell is special especially in addition is important for the programming. It seems no expensive system of the NDA base it for the game development, and important an easier environment.

    It is software that SCE expects in the Cell application that made the best use of a huge floating point arithmetic performance of course. There are many software fields where it seems to obtain other favors though the HD Movie edit etc. are the barrel one. Cell will be skillful most in the application in the field a so-called "RMS", that is, "Recognition (recognition)", "Mining (Mining)", and "Synthesis (synthesis)". Even if it is not so, the level of plug-in of the photo retouch is large the effect. Moreover, there is a possibility that the application that SCEI doesn't assume comes out fast, too, if software arises spontaneously, and the ecosystem expands.

    By the way," Because OS is application" and Kutaragi talk in Cell because Cell has the virtual machine support function. This is a function to make two or more virtual CPU on CPU, and for "VMM(Virtual Machine Manager)" to be able to make OS different on each virtual CPU the first to support with hardware.

    It is VMM software of the type that is called "Hyper visor" in general that runs for Cell at a deepest privileged level of CPU, and comes to be do the first of OS of a general meaning on that. Haiparbaiza layer (VMM) of this Cell OS starts first, and it is presumed that it is a mechanism that the upper layer layer of Linux and Cell OS starts on that though in Cell, there is original OS that is called Cell OS. Therefore, OS such as Linux is seen from Haiparbaiza and the one of similar to the application.

    This mechanism of Cell is a function similar to "Pacifica (Pacifica)" or "VT(Virtualization Technology)" of AMD or Intel. Only IBM abundantly has this function of depending to begin with in the mainframe IBM etc. in that sense in the technology that has introduced it.
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    Sep 10, 2004

    painfull to read.
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    May 18, 2005
    Very good interview, thank you. A better translation would help though.. :p
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    Thanks! It looks like there could be a lot of interesting info in there, if only we had a better translation.

    Linux as standard on HDDs would be hot........include some dev libraries (they should be there, right, if Cell is going to be open-sourced?), and I will love them forever. Presumably some nVidia tools should be includeable too (anyone can already download Cg for example on a PC, so why not have it available publically on PS3 too)?

    Perhaps my imagination is running away with itself. But if I can code on Cell next Spring I'll be a happy chappy :D

    edit - he also seems quite ballsy about it. Taunting MS for hiding their windows roots on Xbox. It'd possibly be MS's worst case scenario come true if Sony included Linux as standard on PS3s...that's gotta be the biggest reason for Sony to include a HDD as standard.
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    I can introduce articles but I can't translate full articles....

    I expect mr. One will write a good summary. :D
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    To save myself the headach, I went to read the original documents. :p

    Lots and lots of PR talk. I had to mentally shovel my way through the mountain of propaganda.

    The only interesting take away is that a HDD will not come bundled with the machine. The wording from the article seems to confirm this. However, they seem committed to have Linux available on each HDD shipped.
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    Did you take that from the original japanese or the translation? Cos I'm not too sure it's at all clear what he's saying there. He seems to say that including a built-in, fixed HDD doesn't make sense because it'll never be big enough (is that where you think he's saying it won't be standard?)..and then talks about network storage and removeable HDDs. It's very possible he is indeed saying that HDDs won't be standard, but the translation is a mess.
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    In a tiny box
    Very Very interesting....It will be interesting what the User Interface will look like. Sounds to me that there going to make it pretty elaborate if they going to try and give it the same look as Minority Report.

    PS: I have a fricken headache after reading that...
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    Man I just started playing the pee-cee version of GTA:SA that has a blocky-as-hell graphics! :wink:

    Anyway, here's my translation - the part 1 is kinda vague and full of PRs, but the part 2, particularly about Linux and PS3 as a new Amiga, is interesting for me as MS loads an HDD with BC while Sony loads one with a full OS which MS can't do by the obvious business reason.


    Ken Kutaragi Interview by Hiroshige Goto - pt.1 : "We Change Computing by PLAYSTATION 3"

    The Reason Why PLAYSTATION Is In Capitals

    Goto: PS3 is, if you look at just the spec, a full-spec computer. Why did you make it so rich?

    Kutaragi: Since the beginning, we've been trying not to do a game console for children, but to do a computer for entertainment that grownups around the world can enjoy. We've been thinking about doing a computer thoroughly. Meanwhile, finally, PC has come to the dead end. So, this time, we want to do the next computer with partners such as IBM in an ensured way.

    What we are thinking about this time is to change computing itself thoroughly. We want to change the paradigm. We want to set PS3 as the benchmark of everything.

    G: Though its goal is a general computer, you took a game console as its form in the beginning.

    K: A game console... maybe. At E3, it's a game console, and its applications are games. We really want to do computer entertainment. Other companies may call theirs game consoles, but we've been calling it as computer entertainment in press releases all along. It's entertainment and computer as well. It's important.

    At this '3', for the first time we made the word PlayStation all capital "PLAYSTATION". We named it "PlayStation" at first, as workstations were our dream computers. We added the "PS" logo to it as PlayStation is a trademark and starts with P and S. But this time we use "PLAYSTATION" in capitals.

    It's because, basically, with PC and all going to the dead end, it leads to nowhere if you ask whether it's a PC or a game console. I think we've entered the era in which you ask what is the next playstation. So PLAYSTATION is "The playstation". We do it for a bit of pride too.

    Until now, it's said "let's take functions in arcade boards or workstations", or in the case of Microsoft, they said they'd use a cutting-edge PC as a game console. But it's no more. PLAYSTATION will develop as PLAYSTATION.

    Calculations by A Cell Processor Will Produce Difference

    G: So PS3 is a computer and its purpose is entertainment.

    K: Of cource, in the beginning, it's about what's interesting as a game console, and as computer entertainment.

    In PS1, making 3D or not was the biggest differentiation factor. In PlayStation 2, it was the mission to bring 3D in the complete single-standard format - complete NTSC and PAL - in full color. This time, it'll be the crucial difference from other platforms that we make it all computing. In the background of graphics, it does vast calculations, and it produces difference.

    G: It does various simulations such as physics simulations, and operations such as AI, synthesis, in its background.

    K: You can't see by just a glance if it's calculated by a Cell Processor or not even though it can show a beautiful HD video. But, if you look at it carefully, calculated things and only converted things are clearly different. You can feel it as an awesome thing when you see it, as it's calculated. You can do thing you've never seen, you can enjoy contents themselves.

    In the case of other companies, the inside is the same even though its graphics becomes HD. They hardly calculate things. Like hardly doing physics and just adding a motion by a motion capture. Even though you can't tell by just a glance, such differences can be seen quickly.

    G: Do software developers understand that point?

    K: I think developers have an undestanding of it. At E3 demo, they tried to do it in real time on the spot rather than prerendering and precalculation. At E3, many demos do various calulations in the background. Also in graphics, how it moves is all done by calculations. Things that couldn't be calculated without huge time until now, they can be done on Cell (in realtime). They'll try to create games that take advantage of it.

    Also for audio, it's natural that it doesn't have an audio chip. It's because we calculate it (with Cell). The audio is not like how many voices you have - the audio itself becomes an object.

    Between our demo and their demo, such contriving is the difference. They are different more than just the look. I think most people who attended the E3 press conference understood it. A certain famous journalist let slip a word that XBOX is 1.5 while PS is 3.5 as it was above the expectation, they are different like that.

    The Difference Between PS3 and XBOX 360 You Can't See From The Specs

    G: The messages are clearly different between XBOX 360 and PS3. XBOX 360 pushed the image that they could prepare a solid game console as a platform. PS3 emphasized the possibility of the technologies.

    K: This time, Microsoft clearly profess that they are chasing PlayStation. However, what they are chasing are not PLAYSTATION 3 but PlayStation 2. Because they don't know PS3 we are just making now. They become like that as they look at PS2. The goals are different. However, most people can't tell the difference just by looking at the specs. We got mistaken in a similar way in the time of PS1. We'd been evaluated that the both were 3D, along with 3DO. Even though we argued that PS1 calculated 3D while 3DO didn't, we were said that the both were 3D and had CD-ROM, it's terrible like that.

    This time, either, they may not be able to see the difference between PS3 and XBOX 360 if the spec sheets are shown side by side. But, at E3, many people said it was good to be able to come and see it, not by the spec. It'll be more infected and understood when it's released.

    G: By PC getting to the dead end, do you mean with PC dragged by legacies innovation is difficult and you can't go nowhere?

    K: (Current computers) can't make the most of it as a total even though individual devices have their performances. Various bottlenecks are found when you assemble them. If you can make the most of it, you ought to be do decent things if you combine 3.X Ghz Pentium 4 and boards by NVIDIA or ATI, but you can't.

    What I call total is the buses, the loads, and other factors when they work together. You can't know it unless you do games (that have a high load). We made the architecture considering all those things. For instance, each SPE works indepedently, and SRAM is attached there, also large GPR (general purpose registers) are attached too. Because of that it can do huge calculations in realtime. Such an architecture is important.

    (the excerpt of Goto's comment:

    This time, Playstation aims, with a will, at the post-PC, next-generation computer. In PlayStation 2 it was not enough by various factors such as flexibility of the hardware, but in PS3 it seems he thinks he could get an innovative architecture as a computer, with IBM. The "playstation" as a general noun suggests various form factors in the category of playstation. SCE's message for games is that games can be innovative on a computer that pursues computer entertainment.)

    Ken Kutaragi Interview by Hiroshige Goto - pt.2 : "Put a full-blown Linux on PS3 HDD"

    The Age of Network Drive

    G: PLAYSTATION 3 doesn't have a local HDD even though it boasts that much spec. Why?

    K: We don't put an HDD in default. It's because it runs short no matter how much you add it. The next thing that will come is, without a doubt, a network drive. (A storage is) on a Cell server, you can access it via the network from anywhere. In your home, in your friend's home, from anywhere, you can see logically (the same network drive). Such a world.

    However, the console itself requires HDD sometimes. So this time you can put a 2.5 inch HDD in there, 80GB and 120GB. It's very short, but it's for running an OS in a single console. Even though you have a tera-byte storage somewhere with a network drive, you have to have a drive in which an OS can run when you get an authentication as a single computer.

    Put an OS To Be Seen As A Computer

    G: Is it that you run an OS to use it as a computer?

    K: What I find strange is that while we've been calling it as a computer all the time, in the same business world Nintendo affirms it's a toy, it's a toy, to the outside world. So, even though we make supercomputer-class things that require an export control, the offices regard it as a toy.

    Even PlayStation 2 is seen as a game console though we made an awesome chip such as EE and run Linux on it. I'd thought it might become a bit better as Microsoft came from the IT world. But the awkward thing is that they don't say that as they don't want to break their own business. As they are thinking that it becomes a trouble for them if Xbox runs Windows, they are insisting that XBOX is a game console. What a troublesome thing.

    This time, we position it as a supercomputer. However, as there are people who don't see it as a computer if it's not filed as a computer, we make it run an OS. Cell can run multiple OSes simultaneously. So, to run an OS as it is and to say it's a computer, it needs an HDD.

    So, I think we'll put Linux (on an HDD) from the beginning... as a bonus. To file it as a computer.

    G: For an OS to be run on Cell, Linux comes to mind.

    K: Though Linux is also a legacy, it can be a initial lead. For Cell, an OS is merely an application (laugh). The kernel runs on Cell (Cell OS hypervisor) and it takes the style in which multiple OSes as applications run on top of that (virtual machine). Linux will be put of course. If Linux can be put, Lindows or anything can be put.

    Also other PC OSs, if the vendors think they want, Windows or Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), can be put on it. Perhaps even a different OS may emerge.

    Drive The Ecosystem By PLAYSTATION 3

    G: With an OS, people who write programs on it will appear. To make Cell succeed as a computer, an ecosystem must be run on Cell. It needs the establishment of an ecosystem where many people spontaneously write programs to impel further permeation of Cell.

    K: Just like Apple Computer was open back then, if PLAYSTATION 3 is released and becomes open, an ecosystem will be driven. When it became Macintosh, even though Apple didn't do everything, Adobe came and someone came, the ecosystem took off. PC was like that originally. But they absorbed everything (into MS Windows)... Well, it may be their aesthetic, but it's become uncomprehensible even what an OS is.

    Until now, we'd provided libraries and game makers had made things in-house, it's not possible anymore though. To do anything, you need a larger expansion. But it'll turn out like that I think. For example, what surprised us is that an iTunes-syncronization software for PSP was released quickly. If it's evaluated as interesting, various things that run on it appear.

    G: Non-game softwares that take advantage of Cell will be released in a stream.

    K: It'll be about what kind of software on what. For instance an HD video authoring software is basically the same as a non-linear authoring system in TV stations. What we want to do on PS3 is a software of that level. A non-linear authoring system is amazing, but it'll be more amazing if you bring it on Cell. You can manage to do it on a PC, but on PS3 it can be done with ease, you'll see the difference like that. Also, various applications that have been on PC, for example, a photo retouching software. Such softwares will be released rapidly. User interfaces will be interesting too. On PC, you have to wait for years from the XP UI to the next Longhorn. But, ours develop faster. For example, with an interface controlled by gestures and speech like Eye-toy, it becomes Minority Report. Of course such development will be reflected in games too.

    G: Will the Cell computer of that time retain the PS3 form factor?

    K: This form will prevail first. A keyboard can be connected, it has all of the interfaces required. You can do anything media and network. A thing as much general as this is open.

    For instance, you can use everything openly with Linux, so everything is possible (for programmers). Also for graphics, it's the same as it has Shader (with its programmability).

    (The excerpt of Goto's comment:
    Executives at Intel and Microsoft criticized Cell with its lack of software ecosystem, and it seems SCE understands this point and is taking concrete measures.)
  12. pc999


    Mar 13, 2004
    Well I hope that, this is one of the thinghs that this industry (all and everyone) needs, simple and good interfaces (voice comandos would be really good too IMO)
  13. Titanio


    Dec 1, 2004
    :eek: :eek:

    /happy dance

    Now, wouldn't it make sense to put a HD in every box with Linux, if only to really give MS something to sweat about? :twisted:

    I really don't care if they do or don't, but I'll be picking up a HDD on Day One if this materialises. Home brew from day one would be real nice.
  14. TekkenMaster


    Feb 17, 2005
    thats an excellent read one. Thanks for the translation.
  15. pipo


    Jun 8, 2005
    I've read about the MR eyetoy demo, but I'll have to see it first before I'm buying it.

    I respect Ken, but they also have a reputation for being a little too enthousiastic.

    And Linux? I dunno about that strategy...

    BTW: Thanks for the translation one.
  16. j^aws


    Jun 1, 2004
    Cheers! 8)

    Pretty much as I've been expecting with the Amiga-esque approach! 8)

    Still, I hoped they'd have a memory upgrade path...but that seems extremely unlikely. Anyway, it should delight Linus Torvalds in bringing Linux more to the masses and to compete in the home alongside Mac OSX and Windows.

    Maybe if the PLAYSTATION brand and CELL do well, it may encourage Apple to maintain two 'builds' of Mac OSX, one for Intel ISA's and one for CELL! :twisted:
  17. pipo


    Jun 8, 2005
    On a related note. Apple just switched to Intel for a reason...
  18. Titanio


    Dec 1, 2004
    I don't think anyone who already has a PC would be using PS3 for PC apps, but some stuff certainly would run a lot better (and some a lot worse). I think general performance would be acceptable though, if someone really did want to lean on it as their only PC ("acceptable" isn't necessarily enough for Apple though - they obviously need "cutting edge competitive"!).

    Personally I just want to be able to start coding on it :)
  19. dukmahsik


    May 19, 2005
    no hard drive for ps3??? :(
  20. Titanio


    Dec 1, 2004
    Welcome to E3. It was announced then that they'd be sold seperately. So unless something changes between now and launch..

    Who knows though, maybe something will change. Start writing your letters and signing petitions..;)
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