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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cheezdoodles, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. Cheezdoodles


    May 24, 2006
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    Anybody else having an iphone and curious on what apps are worth getting etc?

    thought maybe we could share experiences (dunno if this is the appropriate discussion forum, mods will hopefully be kind enough to move it where it should be).

    Anyways , i got quite a few apps on my Iphone, all but one are free:

    Bloomberg (free) : Offers most financial information one needs to be updated, very nice design, easy to navigate, nice graphs.

    Wikiamoto (free): Basic wikipedia search, there is a paid ($6 ) app thats called Education that offers alls wikipedia articles downloaded and neatly composed, neat for those that doesn't have wifi acess (dont want to use 3g) but often needs a encyclopedia even in such a light format.

    iTranslate (free) : Translates many languages based on google translation thingy. Requires internet\3g

    Shazam (free): neat program that can "listen" to a song and then finds out what artist and title, it also offers you the possibility to buy the song from itunes. Similar to a program on some sony ericson mobiles.

    Balance (free) basic account balance program. Nice to keep track of expenses. MyBudget is also free and a little more advanced.

    Convert any (free) nicely designed program that converts a ton of different units\values. Currency, distances, volumes, time, weight, area are all included. Very smooth interface based on the scrolling clock thingy in iphone for selection.

    FakeExcuse (free) Lets you play sounds to simulate excuses when talking on the phone with other people. Everything from driving through a tunnel and being at a restaurant to getting attacked by vicious dogs. Some sounds are rather convincing.

    Touchplot (free) nice graphing tool for mathematical functions and algebra. As powerful is not more powerful than normal university mathematical calculators.

    Beacon (free): Drop a beacon and iphone will remember the beacons position by GPS. Then you can navigate back to the beacon by using a radar like interface.

    Touchgrind ($4) skateboard game, hard but interesting controls and gameplay
  2. RussSchultz

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    Feb 6, 2002
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    My iPod Touch primary use is eBook reading, so I use eReader and stanza quite often.

    I also bought Bejeweled 2 for casual gaming when I need a few minutes of diversion.
  3. Scott_Arm


    Jun 16, 2004
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    good idea.

    I use:
    google mobile
    stanza and ereader
    mybudget(checking it out because of your post :) )
  4. RobertR1

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    Nov 2, 2005
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    I've had a iphone for a few months now and haven't really used the appstore. I use mine for the ipod/phone/work email stuff. I browse with it a fair bit also when traveling and such. Hopefully this thread keeps going. I checked out the appstore a few times but didn't see much I care for.

    I saw a remote control app demo'd at CES. Turns your iphone into a remote control. However it'll be hard to beat my Harmony. I'll keep an eye on that though.
  5. Citrous


    Mar 15, 2004
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    A Whale's Vagina
    I jailbroke my phone, but I still use a lot of the official app store apps too, I'll post two seperate catagories.

    App Store:

    -Shazam is pretty cool, it's just as previously described
    -Flashlight simply turns your screen full white, or blue or red, a few other colors, also has a nice dimming ability all controlled with touchscreen flicks.

    This app has changed my life. Straight up. Makes work a walk in the park with some Shure E-500's ;-)

    -Google Earth, kinda cool to play around with, very full featured!

    -Mint.com, this seems to be the ultimate budgeting/finance tool. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out, it syncs up with your banks information and tracks it all realtime, many other cool things too.

    Jailbreak Apps:
    -Cycorder, AMAZING video recorder I was really blown away by this one too

    -BossPrefs, this can temporarily hide app icons on your springboard, also provides very fast toggles to turn off pretty much all the services on the phone, you can shut down EDGE, 3g, Wifi, mail push, and bluetooth. Pretty cool.

    -Snapture, is a much more robust camera app. Provides color modes, all kinds of neat stuff.

    I also use a bunch of the other apps some others posted about already. ttfn!

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