Ignore this thread, Somone is obviously mistaken about Xbox Polaris item

Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by dobwal, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. dobwal

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    Its the official name for the Artic Islands arch.

    Well you might want to keep it closed because I have no ideal if this is in relation to the Polaris term thats associated with the Xbox.
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  2. ThePissartist

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  3. Metal_Spirit

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    Polaris was already known. Way before this article!
    But lets not confuse "the way we eat" with "we eat the hay". Because although it may sound similar, it's something completly different. And although the codename is the same (and it was this coincidente that triggered the rumour) we are speaking about a new hardware revision codename and a codename on the Netflix APP and on all Xbox One (day 1 included). And one that uses stars as referente on all consoles (Rigel, Pollux, Polaris, etc)
    And a name coincidence between a codename for a new hardware and a version of a streaming vídeo APP is not enough proof for anything!
    But apparently many seem to like to " eat the hay" rumours feed them!
  4. Shifty Geezer

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    There is a Netflix revision named Polaris.

    There is an AMD graphics revision named Polaris.

    There is an Intel Processor from 20-7 named Polaris - do we want to believe that's what's inside XB1 as secret sauce?

    There is also a star named Polaris, and a town in Nevada, and a Marvel super hero, and a role playing game, and a novel, and a band...

    Two things sharing the same name doesn't mean they are the same thing, and anyone paying attention to this rumour would understand exactly what's going rather than imagining that XB1 has an architecture not released in the PC space for two years (AMD having working Polaris but releasing their interrim APUs and GPUs instead) using a lithography unavailble to AMD when XB1 launched, and where said architecture is tooted for its power efficiency, in XB1 is just as power hungry as other APUs of its era.
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