Humble VR Bundle: $15 for Moss, SUPERHOT VR, GORN, Space Pirate Trainer, ...

Discussion in 'VR and AR' started by Pete, Feb 11, 2020.

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    Humble VR Bundle is crazy good value (all Steam keys):

    $1 tier:
    • Cosmic Trip + OST
    • Smashbox Arena
    BTA ($13+ because everyone's getting tier 3) tier:
    • Budget Cuts
    • GORN + OST
    • Space Pirate Trainer + OST
    $15 (!) tier:
    • Moss
    • Superhot VR
    Remember you can use the sliders to change the proportion of what you pay that goes to Humble, the devs or the charity (down to the individual game or charity).

    Price histories:

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