How to get people to explain when they explain nothing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by orangpelupa, Jan 8, 2021.

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    I need help.

    One of the worker in the company I worked for, gave me a task and explains nothing, and expect me to understand / know what to do and what are the results from previous discussions.

    When asked, they simply says something in the line of I should have already know it, because the task came from the boss, and the boss had a discussion with me.

    After a few back and forth, they finally explains things. That they was tasked by the boss to do the things I suggested to the boss. And now the boss told them to tell me to do the changes to incorporate the things I suggested.

    Then after I sent the changes I've made, they explains that there are other things that was discussed between them and the boss (that for some unknown reason, they kept it until I've sent the changes I've made)

    In the end we agree that I should pre empetively asks them lots of questions.

    So for future reference,
    Any idea how should I handle this? How to get them to explains more, in detail? Any useful phrase to dig information off people?

    All communications with me were done thru a text chat.
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    I would go for a freeform design document and get everyone to approve it before doing anything. Maybe add the major goals, requirements and use cases into document. Another way could be to use something like to manage tasks you are doing/proposing to do.
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    Maybe you should suggest to your boss that communication with you should be directly conveyed to you? Or use another coworker to relay tasks? Simply talk to your boss about improving communication because the current worker does a poor job of disclosing details when relaying information.
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