Here's how to make PC games output Dolby Digital encoded audio

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    As a bonus, this also upmix stereo sounds to 5.1ch. Yes you can say its no longer a "pure" audio, but for me, it does sound good. Maybe can be disabled thru Dolby Home Theater control panel (i didnt install it, so dunno). Alternatively you can set the output format back to PCM instead of Dolby Digital.

    PC games often outputs surround audio in LPCM, making surround system only outputs stereo as HDMI ARC only supports stereo LPCM. Making a surround capable AVR (and 4K HDR capable too, if you use 4K HDR TV) a necessity.

    Here's how to make All PC games output in Dolby Digital in realtime, allowing you to enjoy full 5.1 surround sound, no AVR needed, directly from PC to TV to Surround Sound System.

    1. Download modded nvidia driver by alanfox2000
    2. Download modded APO Driver also by alanfox2000 (mirror)
    3. Install modded driver
    4. Install APO driver
    5. using FX Config app, set the APO to use Dolby Digital v4 HDMI/Optical
    6. Set default output format to DOLBY DIGITAL on the classic windows control panel
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