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Discussion in 'Industry Jobs' started by Andrew Lauritzen, Nov 20, 2013.

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    We're seeking an experienced graphics engineer to join the Advanced Technology Group at Intel in beautiful Victoria, BC! You'll have an opportunity to shape the future of graphics by helping Intel to make the best judgments possible about graphics hardware and algorithms. This is a chance to influence Intel’s processor graphics for the next half decade and more.

    The group's responsibilities include:
    - Be well-versed in cutting-edge graphics techniques (from both games and the research community) and how they map onto graphics hardware
    - Understand and analyze graphics workloads and bottlenecks at a detailed level using software tools and hardware counters
    - Think beyond current hardware and API limitations and recommend hardware changes and new algorithms to improve the efficiency and quality of real-time rendering
    - Develop sample applications to explore upcoming hardware features and performance characteristics

    - Strong math and programming skills
    - Professional experience with C/C++, modern graphics APIs and shading languages
    - Detailed understanding of game engines and renderers
    - Ability to work productively in large code bases (games, tools, etc.) with varied coding standards
    - Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field
    - Willingness to relocate to Victoria, BC, Canada

    - Experience with Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers (GPA) or similar tools
    - Detailed knowledge of Intel graphics hardware
    - Low-level graphics hardware design or analysis experience
    - Master's degree or PhD in computer science or related field

    Please feel free to PM or e-mail me for more information!
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