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    We are seeking a research scientist to join our team of graphics researchers in San Francisco, California.
    If you are passionate about graphics this is a great opportunity to work on Intel's latest GPU/CPU architecture to develop the next generation of graphics features!

    Your responsibilities will involve:
    - Performing research in the area of real-time 3D rendering, collaborating alongside other Intel researchers
    - Implementation and analysis of new real-time rendering algorithms or other highly parallel algorithms
    - Potential opportunities for impact on Intel graphics hardware and software products and publication in industry or academia

    Minimum Qualifications:
    - Candidate must have a Bachelor's degree with 4 years' experience, or a Master's degree with 3 years' experience, or a PhD degree with at least 1 year experience. Degree should be in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related field. Experience should be in the following areas:
    - Software development in C++ with graphics shading languages and/or GPU compute languages (e.g. OpenGL and DirectX11)
    - Ability to comprehend and analyze rendering literature
    - Experience developing advanced graphics algorithms such as: raster graphics, ray traced based graphics, global illumination, depth of field, motion blur, acceleration structures, etc.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    - Expertise in designing task-, data-, and pipeline parallel algorithms and systems
    - Experience creating real-time rendering effects using programmable shaders
    - Familiarity with serial and parallel programming environments used in real-time rendering such as C, C++, TBB, CUDA and OpenCL
    - Knowledge of GPU architecture and/or GPU workloads and performance characteristics
    - Experience with performance analysis including using low-level tools like profilers for identifying performance issues

    You can apply here:
    For more information about our team:

    If you have questions feel free to contact me (email:marco dot salvi at intel dot com)
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