GPGPU Research Scientist / Software Developer at SINTEF ICT - Oslo, Norway

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    We are looking for someone to join our research group in Oslo as either a research scientist or software developer.

    The focus areas of the research group is parallel computing, visual computing, and high performance cloud computing, and we're certified as a CUDA Research Center.
    For more information about what we do, see

    · Perform high-quality research and/or software development, both independently and as a part of a team, both basic and applied research.
    · Publish findings in peer-reviewed journals (Research Scientist position).
    · Produce prototype applications, and incorporate new methods in the existing code base.
    · Meet with clients, and participate in defining new projects.· Keeping up-to-date with current trends in heterogeneous computing.

    Master of Science or Doctoral degree in applied mathematics or computer science.
    · Solid background in GPU programming, e.g, CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL, Direct3D.
    · Experience with parallelization of mathematical algorithms in general (Research Scientist position).
    · Excellent programming skills in C++.
    · Fluent written and oral English.

    For more information, and to apply, go here.
    Application deadline 27 of June.

    About SINTEF ICT
    SINTEF ICT is an institute within the SINTEF Group. SINTEF ICT undertakes research and development projects for industry, the public sector, and funding agencies in the area of information and communication technology. SINTEF ICT has approximately 280 employees and collaborates with a large number of industries and academic institutions in Norway and abroad. The Department of Applied Mathematics at SINTEF ICT performs research activities within simulation, geometry, optimization, and heterogeneous computing.
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