Gen 8 and fp64

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    With Gen8 the igp can support fp64.
    I started a post on this on the intel opencl forum.

    In the document GVCS001-The Compute Architecture of Intel Processor Graphics Gen8.pdf
    it states.

    "Finally, one of the FPUs provides extended math capability to support high-throughput transcendental math functions and double precision 64-bit floating-point."
    The final response
    "Our compute architects are having internal discussions about enabling cl_khr_fp64. If there are enough customer requests for this feature, we will do it."

    So.... if you would like to see cl_khr_fp64 implemented on the Gen8 gpu (broadwell ) then please provide that feedback to intel.

    Assuming the double precision fpu is 1/2 rate, the total rate might be 1/4 (since half the fpu support double precision).

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