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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Silent_Buddha, Sep 10, 2019.

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    Creating the thread here in the PC forum so I don't clutter the console one with PC specific things.

    The new NV driver for Gears 5 has significantly improved performance, I'm still testing, but I'm now able to bump shadows up to ultra while still keeping a basically locked 60 FPS on a 1070 (average minimum framerate of ~58.9) at 2560x1600 in a window.

    Bumping Volumetric Fog to Ultra see's too big of a hit still, however. Average Minimum drops to ~57.8. So I'll keep that on high.

    Everything else on Ultra except for AO (medium) and turning off the effects that I don't like (motion blur, DoF, and lens flare).

    The important thing is going to be gameplay though. AO was originally on High when I benched before but that proved too laggy in actual game play with framerates occasionally dropping into the high 40's/low 50's despite the benchmark saying the average minimum would be ~59. Turning that down to medium allowed gameplay to basically be a locked 60. It'll never lock to 60 as loading in a lot of data still makes the framerate drop occasionally in game.

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    Digital Foundry found 1060 performance to be quite far behind 580 so this is good news. Most performance improvements lately have been only for Turing.
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    I've been playing the campaign casually over a few evenings without any issues. Two nights in a row I've really duff crashes. One was where it failed to load the next corridor. I was confronted with an ethereal white room. Couldn't be arsed to reload the game. The next night, it started a 'run away' sequence that then just locked up the movement completely, even though the game was still going. Couldn't be arsed to reload. Annoying!
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    Ah, didn't saw the dedicated thread.

    I'm playing Gears 5 , since it's free this week end (steam). I've all and ultra and stuff, but the textures are kind of blurry, my guess is another kind of TAA (I hate that on pc for modern gaming...). Any way in the .ini and stuff to disable it ? Because right now it looks way too soft... I know I can adjust the sharpness, but it's not very effective. It looks like a 2010 textures, what a waste...

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