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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Rys, Feb 25, 2016.

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    Like last year, Intel are consuming all of Beyond3D's ads for a 6-week spell in the run up to GDC. Those of you who subscribe or block ads won't be able to see them, so the link it takes you to is:

    If you're at all interested in games development, please do click one of the ads or the link above. It'll take you to Intel's developer zone, straight into the game development section, where you can take a look at their samples, tools, guides and support for game development (and not just graphics!), and grab the latest drivers (including Vulkan ones!).

    They're very generous in the rate they give us to knock Google's ads out of the way, and it's directly relevant to lots of you, so please do take a look at what they have if you feel so inclined.

    My thanks to Intel for coming back again to support us in 2016, to get your eyeballs on their game development resources.
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    Intel has a lot of interesting papers and articles on their websites :)
    (Not mentioning hardware and tools; but you can't click on those and they are expensive ;).)

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