Fresh windows 10 = Edge got malware, Chrome & Firefox works fine


Elite Bug Hunter
only on HTTP websites. All with HTTPS still works fine in Edge.

what kind of malware is this? ADWcleaner and malware bytes found nothing....

its a not-so-fresh install of W10 (fresh installed yesterday with only a few apps), no extension, no cats (yet).

other peolle with this problem
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soooo weird. Did you download the latest ISO? (I shared an ISO here time ago with a preactivated key but the message got deleted, it works very well, it's from the latest big update). Regardless, Edge is not that bad but there is a lot of room for improvement, random hangs are not unusual. I suspect memory issues if you are low on memory that cause the program to crush at times, if you use a PC with 4G or less RAM, but that shouldn't happen.


My Bing history contains exactly:
Bing searches for Intel, Gigabyte (mobo), Windows 10 August update (which didn't initially download) & HECI driver (which didn't install correctly initially)
Intel, Gigabyte, AMD, Chrome, Firefox & Microsoft download pages.


Ah yes, I used to use that or something very similar :yes:
But regularly reinstalling Windows has become very much a rarity now so I'd completely forgotten about it :oops: