FREE Games List [2022+]

PUBG is now free-to-play,
Just don’t expect to actually be able to, you know, play it yet. Servers are down for 38 hours of maintenance ahead of the official free launch on January 12, but you can go ahead and download the game ahead of the release. You can head over to Steam (or the Xbox or PlayStation stores) to grab PUBG for yourself and start downloading now. With maintenance expected to last 38 hours, PC servers should be back online at 11pm PST on January 11, or 3am EST / 8am GMT on January 12, giving you ample time to get ready to drop. (Console servers will be up one hour later worldwide, according to the patch notes.) The free-to-play release coincides with the launch of patch 15.2, which introduces an array of new tutorial and training options, including a bot match that pits you against 99 AI opponents. The other big addition is tactical gear, an option which lets you give up your primary weapon slot in favour of a powerful strategic gadget, like a drone or EMT gear.
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order also on Prime Gaming. They gave me an Origin code which the Origin app for Windows accepted, and added the game to my library. Indigo Prophecy Remastered has been downloading by way of the Amazon app for Windows.

Ha, I just checked and Steam is offering Fahrenheit: IPR for $1.99, and GreenMan Gaming had it for twenty cents three years ago. But I'm still really happy about finding this.
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Amazon's Prime Gaming lists Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered.

Well this is funny, at the beginning of the game it's winter; we can check a PC and read the news, and a blizzard is expected. I live on the north east coast of the USA, and we're expecting the first big one of the winter within 24 hours. Lol, that really helps with making the game feel even more atmospheric. I was having problems with the game just quitting without any save, and my graphic and mouse settings getting lost. I had Afterburner in my system tray, with the OSD enabled, so I closed that, and either way, I've been able to progress now, and the game was saving and keeping my settings.
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