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Discussion in 'Politics & Ethics of Technology' started by Geo, Sep 5, 2007.

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    First off, this is *not* the Religion, Politics, and Socioeconomic Climate forum. This forum will be moderated, and ad hominem attacks, personal insults, etc are not allowed.

    Having said that, the staff at Beyond3d recognize that there are political and ethical issues that are within the purview of the scope of this site's mission, whether it be in our main focus of graphics and gaming, or our somewhat broader scope as a technology website in general. As such, we feel it is appropriate to provide an area to discuss those issues, and this is it.

    What kind of thread would be appropriate here?

    Politics of Open source
    Anti-trust issues
    DRM issues
    Intellectual Property issues in general (patent lawsuits, for instance)
    Legal environment in various countries re technology issues.
    Misconduct (alleged or proven) by technology companies (Sony rootkit, HP press spying, etc)
    Jack Thompson and his ilk (i.e. technology censorship)

    The above are just examples, and hopefully enough to give you an idea of how we intend this forum to be used.

    While the rules might be moderately looser here, we still don't want to see any threads that give specific information about how/where to warez the latest game. This forum is for serious discussion of touchy subjects, but it's still not meant to be a loophole for the warez community to waltz through.

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