Firmware 1.8 expands PS3 media capabilities

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    May 18, 2007
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    Released for download earlier today, PS3 firmware 1.8 improves upon the
    media capabilities of Sony's console by incorporating many features
    long desired by A/V enthusiasts. Already having earned a reputation as
    an excellent Blu-ray player, today's update introduces 1080p/24hz
    output support, eliminating judder on film-based content when played
    through receivers and televisions that can accept such a signal. After months of anticipation,
    Sony has enabled DVD upscaling up to 1080p as well, with additional
    ROM-centric playback improvements including the correction of
    blacker-than-black and whiter-than-white issues and the ability to
    output Blu-ray content at a target resolution of 720p as an alternative
    to 1080p/1080i. Previously known as a mediocre option for playback of
    standard definition DVD content, a firmware 1.8-enabled system now
    passes all HQV cadence, interlacing, detail, and text side-scrolling
    quality tests, becoming what is in fact one of the best upscaling DVD
    players on the market. <br /><br />Read the full news item

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