Finally had a lucid dream


God of Wicked Games
..Or atleast was clued in it was a dream.
I dreamt my dad got a srt-10 viper and he was testing it out and crashed it.
As soon as that happened I go "good thing this is a dream" and my "dad" tried to dissuade me from believing so.
I woke up after that.
Now I since I've taken the first step I wonder where I can go from here:devilish:

To those who are like "what the hell is he talking about?" check it out here
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One of these days I'm going to get to it and learn to lucid dream, but there's one problem. My dream recall is too good. I mean, the amount of details I recall can fill volumes, so how am I supposed to write a dream journal? For example, one dream I had took me 2.5h just to get down in extremely rough form, typing at a frantic pace. Seriously, when you can recall the carvings on the glass lampshade you only saw in your dream for 10 seconds, it's a bit much, lol!

This is the entry I'm talking about:

Well it started off in this basement room of a masion. The room was nice with what appeared to be mahongony panelling on the lower half of all the walls, and there was a leather sofa on the right wall. The room itself was rectangular, in front of me on the long wall there was a large table setup, behind me on the left hand corner was the stairs up. There was a butler standing off to the left of me. He told me to look at what's on the table. It was a rather nice diamond collection. They were about 5 carats on average, each sitting atop its own envelope and a card that described their value, origion, unique qualities, cut, etc... I put the diamonds and cards back in the evelopes for some reason. Oh I was also with someone else, who was sitting on the sofa. Although throughout my dream this person was not really someone else, it seemed rather to be a reflection of certain aspects of my personality. Kind of like my evil twin, but not really evil, just lazy and impulsive.

Next thing I remember is being upstairs in the mansion walking down a white panalled hall. On the left there first a door then windows, and on the right first a door, then an opening to another room. On the far end of the hall was some kind of loung or dining room, it was well lit and had a chandelier from what I could see. I went into the opening to the other room, and there was the other guy (lets say I am DudeA, and he is DudeB). He was sitting on a sofa on the right wall, watching a TV in the far left left corner. There was a wooden drafting desk with a drawing of some kind on it beside the TV (closer to me) , but it was recessed as the room was L shaped (it was wider to my left and longer in front of me). In the left corner near me, beside the desk there was a spiral starcase to somewhere, and opposite me was another opening to somewhere else.

Next thing I remember, is I was now working at a factory. I was first drilling holes in engine blocks. This was done by hand, after the blocks had mostly been drilled by robots. We had a vertical metal frame attached to the back of the workdesk that held the block up, then we used guides to position the drill, and drilled the holes. There was about a 3x3 arrangement of desks, windows at the back, a doorway on the front left, and all kinds of mechanical pariphenila on the walls. The floor was concrete and it was a bit dirty, but not too much so. We wore safety goggles and those blue coveralls you often see car repairmen wearing.

Then was assigned to repairing high end cars that people had bought from us. Strangely, none of the repairs were serious, just a loose nut or bolt that was causing a rattelling noise. These bolts were in one case one that held on the covering of the center console, another case I had to re-drill the hole for a nut that held up a console thing between the driver and passenger near the back on the ceiling, and another case I had to tighen down the headrests. The cars were all quite beautiful otherwise, shining clean. I remember one had this metallic purple paint job with dark tinted windows. It just seemed to glow in the sunlight. Oh yeah, this was all done outdoors just in front of where I used to be working on the engine blocks. The door I mentioned lead out here. The cars pulled in from a white orangish cement road that ran from left side of the drilling room, curving to where I was in front of the room, and then off somewhere. Also, the boss of the factory himself came and reassigned me. He looked to be in his very early 30s, young and health, brown wavy kind of air not unlike Conan O'Brian only not so exagerrated. He had a clean white shirt, a tie, belt, dress shoes and black pants on. I think he also had a plastic nametag/ID thing clipped to his shirt pocket.

Then I recall going around after work to this bar sortof thing. There were people gambling, drinking, smoking and playing cards. Strangly, unlike I would in real life I wasn't coughing gagging on the cigarette smoke. Anyways, this bar was L shaped again, from the front enterance the bar was along your right, and it room turned to left where there were gambling tables setup. I went to the far end where I found two guys. These were your factory worker, swearing a blue streak, rough and tough kind of guys. As such, they were modelled after/looked like the characters Skull and Bulk from Power Rangers. So Bulk was sitting down at a table, and Skull leaning against the wall beside him drinking whiskey or something. Bulk was waiting to play this interesting card game, but there was no one to play with him, so I sat down and started playing.

He called the game "Poker Chess", basically there was a 3x3 grid, you get delt three cards to start. On your turn you place a card on one of the three spots available to you. Available means directly on your said or the spot before it is occupied by one of your cards. Then went your card collides with the other players (i.e. his card is in the spot you want to take), based on the value of the cards (spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds, and Ace, King, to Two are the order of value), you create a probably that one side or the other will win. Then you roll some dice to see who gets it. The first person to occupy a full row of cards, wins. Of course, I lost burtally because I didn't really know what I was doing, and Bulk exploiting my ignorence by changing the rules to suit his needs, the cheating bastard! Still, he did offer to give me a ride home.

We (me, him and Skull) got into his junky old car, and drove through a sort of junkyard thing to a big fenced gate. On the ride, I realised that Skull was actually DudeB from the beginning just older. Anyways, behind the gate was a bit dilapidated apartment building, which is where I lived. Unlike the bright sky and green grass at the factory, this place had a black stormy sky, and no grass to be seen. The ground had puddles of oil and water, the oil running off the junk (mostly crushed cars on ether side of the road). The junk created tall virtical walls rising on either side of the road, the road itself was about 20 feet wide. The gate had warning signs and other non-sense tacked onto it, and on the other side of it there was a big open space before the apartment bulding which was on an angle from my perspective. The length of it streching a bit into the distance. There were some kids running around and playing in this space. At the gate, on the right and left there were spaces cut into the junk walls. In the right space, there were a bunch of these religious kids that looked really cartoony, in a choir or something and they were praying for peace and properity. They seemed to exude a kind of power, this sortof energy, but I ignored it. I had the gate opened by waving to the guard on the top left above the choir kids, and went inside.

Next thing I was looking a this overview of the plant, a floor plan. There was a greyed off area, and I recalled how I had been working there after repairing the cars for a while. Here we tested engines, or generators or something, but we needed another generator/alternator to test them for whatever reason. Anyways, they were all failing the tests, so we had the whole lot just scrapped, the whole production system reworked on my advice to something much more efficent, and I was promoted. However, I realised it had all just been because my testing generator was actually broken, but I never told anyone that, since I got a promotion and didn't want to loose it. Then I worked my way up the business ladder, and now was second in command of the entire factory, dressed all business like, older (mid-20s) and whatnot.

Anyways, the boss just called me to his office. From the doorway, it was a very spacious and white room, with big clear windows on the opposite wall. On the left was another door somewhere, on the right was the boss, his long but not too wide desk, and a long blackboard. On the blackboard was a drawing of Jean Cretian in a chair, and the chair had this marbly texture to it. The boss said the Prime Minister commissioned us to design him a chair, and he felt that he had come up with the perfect design.

And now for something completely different, I was dead in hell. The part of hell I was in was this big room. There was a thone thing where Satan sat on the far wall, and in front of him the ceiling scaled up into this big skylight thing. The skylight was really obsured, and just looked like a fussy white glow. The walls were smooth and greyish, either metal or ceramic, likewise was the floor. On the left and right were entraces to the usual cave like, molten lava hell you would expect.

Anyways, Skull/DudeB was Satan and Bulk a henchmen dude. There was also some other guy, but I don't really remember him, he was another henchman that hung around. I was also good friends with Satan, which was why I was not in the molten lava parts of gell. Also, for whatever reason he was completly ignorent about God and Jesus and very innocent. Extremely odd to say the least, but then consider Satan in my dream was actually my alter ego DudeB, I suppose it makes sense. So I asked Satan where the skylight went to, and he said back to Earth. I said good, I want to go back to Earth and find Jesus so I can get out of hell and into heaven. He asked who this Jesus was, and I said he's a most excellent fellow who perfects everything and saves all. Satan, then said that he wants to meet this Jesus too and be saved, so we will all go and find him, but no one has broken through the skylight to get back to Earth before. Then Bulk annouced that actually he could break through it, by jumping up and head butting it. Satan, said that Bulk will take me up, and if I get through ok to go find Jesus, and he would come up later and follow me. He also asked what the animals look like in case they need to eat something. I told him that the only animals fly and they are airplanes, because for some reason I thought this would prevent Satan from eating people by accident. I dunno, it's a dream...

So Bulk picked me up, held me to him and started jumping up, smashing his head through the skylight. He got his head stuck, but pulled, dropped back down, jumped again and broke through. However, that was only the first of many layers of thick glass in this skylight, so he just made this huge super-jump and smashed through them all. I was now at the surface of earth in a large city. The skylight actually reached up in a sort of pryamid with the top cut off in the middle of the city. So I went off, and Bulk jumped back down. I got out of the city, and came up a ridge to see that the entire city was in a sort of crater. I passed by those cartoon choir kids, and they were positivly glowing with arcane power. They were praying for the city, which apparently was a soddom/gomorrah nexus of corruption, to be purified and banished into gate to hell that they opened. Also, to close the gate to hell, the very one I just came through. Soon the entire city and ground started to shake, you could see it getting sucked into the ground around the skylight, but not into the skylight itself. It was awesome, but I had to find Jesusl, be saved and get to heaven, so off I went.

Now I became Satan/DudeB (well I was sortof him all along remember). We're in the throne room of hell, and everything is shaking, dust is falling and I'm like damn we better go somethings up. So we all just fly out of there, just as the city is collapsing entirely. Buildings are falling down all around us (three of us, me Bulk and the other guy). We are standing on some kind of monorail, but it's crumbling, so we jump up onto this tall building. The building itself was three segmant that were coming apart, each segment having cement around it with green class coming out like a band wrapping around the segment. It was about to collapse, but I/Satan (I was sortof him, and sortof 3rd person, hard to describe), used my powers to steady it. From here we had a vanatage point, and we spotted a clear area. So we jumped/ran over to it, just as the entire city was sucked in, and gone.

This clearing was near an airport (remember they/I think planes are animals for food). It was a grassy feild, the sky was blue, behind us was a large hanger/terminal building of some kind with a monorail curving around it to parts unknown. Suddenly and airplane roared overhead, and I'm like we've got to get that, so we have some food. But suddendly a cannessa whips by in front of us, distracting our attention, and I'm like we need to get that! However, the cannessa somehow morphed into a model helicopter some kid was playing with. A bit behind the kid the grass got taller like wheat, and there was a lot of coniferous trees, it really looked like your average middle of no-where farmer's feild, but it was beside an airport. Anyways, we went up to the kid and asked to eat his model, and he just said we were silly and you can't eat planes. So I'm like ok, whatever, it's not like we actually need to eat being supernatural beings and all.

So now I'm back in my usual DudeA form, instead of DudeB/Skull/Satan form. I've found the gates to heaven, went through them and entered into a large church that looked suspiciously like St. Peters. There was dark marble pillars on either side, pews in front, whiteish/pink marble floors, that weird thing at the center of St. Peters was in the background, and there was a speaking podium thing in front on the left. This look was probably no coincidence, since St. Peter was at the podium thingy, teaching a group of people about heaven, Jesus, life, etc... So I sat down with them and suddenly a heavenly glow came over me, and I was saved! w00t! Then, right after Satan, Bulk and the other dude burst in, and St. Peter just got this look of shock, as if to say "wtf are you here for?" Interestingly at this point Satan looked less like Skull and more like the Zoolander guy, lol! Satan's like, I'm looking for Jesus so I can be saved. St. Peter was like, well this is highly unusual, but whatever, just sit down and listen. So Satan and the guys did, and they were saved too.

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I can dream about doing things and then things that I expect to happen or don't want to happen, happen. It's not that I have full control, but I can kinda implicitly control it by just having a feeling this is going to happen. Like I dreamt I was at a job interview, and i was hoping the person interviewing me doesn't ask me this question, then that person just goes ahead and asks. Other times I would be with a person say in a car and we're driving on the highway and he says, "where should we go?" i'd reply "let's go to Best Buy" and surely we go there and I walk around in store seeing ordinary to crazy entertainment stuff and if there is something for sale there like a sofa, I'd realize that's not right and wake up.

I usually wake up from my dream (if not by alarm), when I notice something off, like I see a friend and realize that he shouldn't be in the same location with me because he's off in England. I go, "wait a minute," then POOF!

But that's when I do dream, lately I've been sleeping straight though, maybe dreaming but not enough to remember anything significant.

I remember dreaming all the time when I was young. Wonder why we dream less as we get older.
Bah, my lucid dreams are much more boring than those "uncontrolled" ones.
I think I've always had most of my dreams such that I am viewing the dream a little like a movie, even when I view them in "first person mode", having some control at what happens in them.
Those "lucid dreams" are more vivid though, as if I view them 1920 x 1080, 4 x fsaa instead of 640 x 480 jaggy blurry mess that the less lucid dreams are, and I seem to remember them more often. It's like I'm half awake half asleep when I have these, usually I wake up from them when the alarm rings.
i don't think I've ever had actually nightmares, often my dreams might be scary weird, but then they are mostly just like horror films.... except the recurring dream of mine where I'm haunted by an angry bear, whenever I've seen that dream I've felt very anxious long after I've woken up.
I've had some fabulous lucid dreams. Some of the most fun ones involve flying or running really fast. The ones involving sex typically wake me up, so I don't like those quite so much (not that I don't keep trying to turn my dreams towards just never works!). It's been a while since I've had a lucid dream, though. My best were back in high school.

Oh, on a similar note, have you ever had a dream that was funny? Once, and only once, I had a dream that I thought was so funny that I woke up laughing.
I used to have dreams I woke up laughing, years ago.
My bf did have such dreams a while ago, also he's started "lucid talking" in his dreams recently, he speaks loud and clear in his dreams.... it's actually kinda interesting to hear what he's got to say, if only I didn't wake up when he starts his nocturnal speeches :)
bah I did the little thing where you tell your self you're gonna recall your dream before going to bed like that site said and I didnt remember nuthin:(
rabidrabbit said:
My bf did have such dreams a while ago, also he's started "lucid talking" in his dreams recently, he speaks loud and clear in his dreams.... it's actually kinda interesting to hear what he's got to say, if only I didn't wake up when he starts his nocturnal speeches :)
Ah, yes, my roommate in the dorms a few years back did that once. He didn't say anything clearly, though. It was a string of completely unrelated words. I laughed so hard I woke him up.
Had a dream this morning right before waking up. I was an invisible watcher, and a documentary about the Pythons was being screened to me, revealing that the program(me :)) was actually crowdfunded, with the then-young Pythons going door-to-door, convincing a Briton family a time to contribute money to each episode...! The colors are very faded, almost black-and-white. We briefly see a young Cleese and some other Python I believe standing at the front door of a typical residence, one of those narrow brick houses they're so fond of, speaking to a woman and maybe a man inside. We then briefly see an older, somewhat pudgy Terry Jones sitting slouched in an armchair, telling us something about Eric Idle, and that he had to get a regular job to support himself.

The teaser video - I assume - then followed immediately, consisting of a young (I believe) Michael Palin in khaki military fatigues, who sometimes looked somewhat like Alec Guinness out of the River Quai movie, with one of those round, flat tin can-like peaked caps on his head, driving a willis jeep into frame. He stops the vehicle abruptly in a clumsy, awkward manner. He stands up in the vehicle, and speaks some gibberish briefly, I don't really hear any words.

The static camera cuts, to what we assume is the reverse angle, showing a beach with two extremely simple rafters, being only flat layers of planks basically with no backrests going out either side of the camera image. The rafters are slightly angled to one another and have two levels above ground level, with rows of soldiers in uniform standing side-by side with their backs towards the ocean, presumably watching the officer speak. They stand absolutely still for a moment, and then fall face-forward simultaneously, only being cardboard cut-outs, and thus, revealing the ocean view and a blue, lightly clouded sky.

The dream ends, I wake up.
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Years ago I could realise that I was in a dream and try to wake up, only to wake up into another dream which I too realised was a dream. You cant imagine the frustration trying to wake and instead of waking up, to appear in another dream reality after the other which sometimes would mimic reality itself, such us dreaming about waking on your bed. But this was also another dream. You feel like you are inside a mind trap you can never get out of.

To take a things deeper, what if this reality is another kind of ilussion we have to wake up from?
I just had a dream within a dream incident. It's always trippy.

The other type of semi-lucid dream I have are ones where I explore a synthesized urban environment. The last one was a strange ultra-wealthy 1800s Paris-like town where I fought a demon that was trapped in a wall. Afterwards, we had cake.
One of the earliest dreams I remember from my childhood, I might have been only four years old or something like that, was about a little wooden cut-out puzzle train set for tiny kids. Each comically drawn train car was one piece of the "puzzle", and was populated by figures from the popular swedish children's comic "Bamse". In my dream, I wasn't precisely a rider on the train, I think, but my eyes were, sort of. The train was really small and you rode it more or less like a horse, or maybe sitting in it with your upper body sticking out like a children's buggy, and it ran along a narrow track through a dark, smooth tunnel that curved slightly to the right. The tunnel had a flat floor and an arched ceiling and light was coming from somewhere around the train, but there was no light further off. Along the left, outer wall, there were a set of identical green wooden doors, three or four, made out of planks. They had the same basic shape as the tunnel itself, rounded at the top and straight at the bottom. The train stopped so that it was parked parallel to the doors and I got off, and maybe others too, I can't remember. I put my hand on one of the doorknobs - probably one in the middle - and I don't recall if I woke up right then or when I'd opened the door a crack, but that's where the dream ends and it was quite scary for some reason that I can't pinpoint, not now and not at the time when I'd had the dream.

I dreamt that same identical dream three nights in a row...
When I was a kid, I remember having a very vivid dream (which was very scary at the time) in which I was chased around my local neighbourhood by Daleks! Tom Baker has a lot to answer for... ;)
Since I lost my ability to induce lucid dreaming, finally I got to experience lucid dream again!

But my brain keeps rewriting my story and throwing random stuff lol

Oh and it's kinda annoying to wake up as I woke up in yet another dream.

Aaaand now the details of the dreams has eroded... Despite it was still clear when I was opening this thread and starts writing...

Edit: oh the memory came back!
- it was in 1st person view
- flying turtles with aloe Vera tail
- I can change my face in real time, there was a large mirror.
- also can add eyes to my face by making a circle with my thumb and index finger and placing it on my face
- the location was the house where I grew up up to high school
- got into a fight and I was laughing and told them to just punch me in the face... And that gets scary fast when they start to gets close. Felt like the London heist psvr scene.
- (Un)surprisingly, there were also cats
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