Finally got hold of an ELSA Gladiac 925VIVO Geforce4 Ti4600

Discussion in 'Architecture and Products' started by maskrider, Apr 10, 2002.

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    Feeling too itchy with the coincidence of today being the day of its arrival, I bought one to quench my desire. Toke out my ATI RADEON 8500 and put it in.

    But the ones from the local distributor do not have that lovely swirl sticker on the heat sink, only a bare shiny golden heat sink left, damn.

    Impression with my P4 1.9 system with the driver on CD:

    1. DVD playback (my major hobby with my PC)
    Sucks, comparing to the hardware accelerated R8500, have to use software mode decoding than any form of hardware acceleration on it. Color is less vivid comparing to R8500 (or even the original RADEON). Unlike NV17 which has enhanced DVD hardware acceleration (but seems like the driver isn't ready to support popular DVD player yet), NV25 is playing DVD like the NV20 does.

    2. 2D desktop quality
    Very good, better than my old MSI GF3, about on par with R8500

    3. 3D speed
    Needless to say, speed king on the games that I play, what else should I say ? No more problems like the R8500 on C&C Renegade, MOHAA at 1600x1200 and max all still playable

    4. Overall
    I still feel that R8500 is still more colorful and vibrant, while GF4 is not bad but just not as good when comparing to R8500. GF4 seems to be less problematic than R8500 in my setup (tried many ATI leaked and official drivers)

    5. Not yet tried
    AccuView AA (4xS), which is what I want from this card.

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