Final Fantasy XVI [PS5 LTE, PC]

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Personally underwhelmed. Agni's Philosophy was 8 years ago and felt more impressive visually and more interesting as a world. This first look feels like various FFXV story/action beats transplanted into a bog-standard Game of Thrones inspired medieval setting, which is poorly timed after Season 8 killed that cultural wave.
I am personally very excited about this game and the direction it is taking. Theme and characters looks to be more mature and in general seems to have been influenced by the Witcher 3. I haven't touched FF-series since the 12, other than playing the tutorial in 15, but this immediately looks very appealing to me.
I guess I'm one of the few that thought this looked pretty good and got me interested in FFXVI. I played through FFXV and while it was interesting the modern-ish FF setting didn't quite gel for me. Then the troubled development and the game not actually being finished just left me feeling unsatisfied.

BTW - it isn't that I'm against modern things being in a FF game (love FF7) but it didn't seem to work quite right in FFXV.

Here's to hoping that a more traditional FF setting proves to be more interesting and that I like it as much as some of their older games. Although I say that...I still need to actually find the time to play games again. :p



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Where is the Square Enix that pushed the envelope?
It looks worse than FF15 and FF7 remake on PS4.
The art is too generic and some assets look like they came from FF15.
For a moment I thought it was a FF15 side story or sequel.

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Well, it looks like a current gen game, at higher resolution that makes it look sharper but also makes it look even more current gen because of it.

Which is the thing we’ve been discussing on here for quite a while.

Not impressed.


Pretty sure this game's development started as a current-gen title and is now either cross-gen or sony moneyhatted it to be ps5 exclusive despite it not being designed specifically for next-gen hardware. It's been in development for over 3 years already by the XIV:Realm Reborn dev team, and they're also using an upgraded Crystal Tools which they used to make the original XIV 1.0 and already have experience with.


they should not spend that much money on this kind of exclusives, and it's not like Xbox was a threat to them anyway.

Posting since it wasn't posted before and since I just realized that Yoshi P is in charge of this one. Considering how FFXIV under his stewardship has resulted in that game becoming, IMO, the definitive and best Final Fantasy WRT story and storytelling, that makes me significantly more excited for this game. Hell, I'd go so far as to say that FFXIV has the absolute best story and storytelling of any game in existence at the moment, IMO.

Unfortunately, it sucks for me that it's a timed exclusive, but I can wait. :) That'll also prevent me from pre-ordering it. I really want to never ever pre-order a game ever again, but there are certain franchises where it's hard to stick that. :p