F-7 CBE SDK 3.0 released (early release version)

Discussion in 'CellPerformance@B3D' started by Panajev2001a, Sep 14, 2007.

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    No, you won't if you have a little bit of patience :p.

    Patience =

    1.) install F7 normally (all possible development packages, header files, legacy libs, etc... get everything in :)). Like the guide said... say NO to LVM ;).

    2.) install the kernel headers and kernel development packages.

    3.) yum upgrade it all ;).

    4.) breathe :).

    5.) custom compile the kernel according to guides of people who eat their own dog food (wink wink :p).

    6.) Do not remove the stock F7 kernel and upgrade sensibly the /etc/yaboot.conf file adding just a new section for your new fresh custom kernel.

    I am sorry you destroyed your custom installation, but I left you when you were still installing F7 and I heard from you again once you could not boot a thing :p.

    If I get a new HDD soon (might get a new one today), I'll be enjoying the pain of re-installing Fedora, SDK 3.0, etc... again myself :).
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    1 has happened, though I'm not sure I've selected all development packages possible, may have left this on default. So I may have to install some additional stuff ...

    2. Not yet done

    3. This is running since yesterday night, 234 packages, takes ages - probably not yet finished when I get home, but I can hope. ;)

    4. Always on. ;)

    5. Not yet. ;)

    6. I did, at least I thought so. I also created a yaboot.conf.backup ... but I simply couldn't find the file.

    I will also check my version of kboot, because maybe that's outdated, even though I got it from the 1023 PS3 Tools disc, I now understand that that doesn't necessarily mean the latest kboot ...

    Let me know if you do get that new HDD, in which case I'll try to just follow you in your footsteps when it comes to building and installing the latest Kernel. ;)

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