Epic Sues Apple and Google due to Fortnite getting pulled [2020-08-13, 2021-05-03]


Where's the evidence of harm and the quantification of that harm?

Also, clearly Epic is guilty of breach of contract. So how would that be overturned?

Should be a separate suit contesting the legality of the contract?


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Bandcamp says it can’t afford Google Play billing, Epic files injunction
Epic bought Bandcamp last month. Now Bandcamp is a weapon against app store owners.

Epic and Google are gearing up for another legal battle. You might recall that Google has an in-app billing crackdown coming to the Play Store soon. The new rules require all apps selling digital goods to use Google Play Billing by March 31, so Google gets a cut of the sales. Any app in non-compliance has been unable to ship updates since March 31, but the real deadline is June 1, when these apps will be removed from the Play Store. Epic Games bought the popular independent music site Bandcamp in March, and it's already taking Google to court over its newest acquisition. Bandcamp isn't in compliance with the billing rules, so it's due for a ban in June. As part of its antitrust case against Google, Epic is filing a motion for a preliminary injunction to block Bandcamp's de-listing from the Play Store.



Apple pointed out a couple of weeks back that the Meta store fees can be over 50%.

Can you side load on Oculus devices or have alternate app stores?


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As much as I agree that digital walled garden store cuts are ludicrous, Epic are just taking the piss at this point. Attacking everybody who has a different monetisation scheme that you do is just dickish.