Enhanced Cell B.E. for HPC at Cool Chips X


This doesn't belong in consoles, clearly.

Not sure why Cell is consistently allowed to slide in that area.

It might be argued that Cell's evolution, its roadmap, the characteristics of new Cell products on different manufacturing processes etc. directly pertains to future gaming technologies and systems (i.e. PS4, at least). It's a technology whose home is in the games industry.

On a less academic level, it seems somehow less right to put this kind of stuff in a general hardware sub-forum. The people most closely watching Cell are likely the people frequenting this board.

Carl B

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Rangers said:

Because it is. ;)

Not sure why it bothers you guys so much - the inherent link between Cell and the PLaystation console should be obvious. That people decide to post Cell-related news in console tech, where the mostinterest naturaly lies, rather than elsewhere I think is fairly self-obviating. I always find it amusing also that it's the same three or so folk that always post wondering why the latest bit of Cell news has been allowed to remain. Get over it guys! :p


Finally saw it, after converting it (workplace doesn't believe in powerpoint).

5 GHz looks to be either at the line or just past the line for the 65nm SPE at the same voltages as 3.2 for the 90nm SPE.

That doesn't leave much in the way of leeway for yields or guard banding.
A mass manufactured Cell with SPEs running at the edge of a knife would be implausible as a product.
They'd probably have to bump voltage a bit to make a go at 5 GHz.

My question now is why there is no bar showing for the 65nm product past the gray area for 90nm at the lower voltages.
Did they not bother to chart it, or is there no significant frequency gain at reduced voltages?