ebook readers /phones with epaper/eink screens


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Seems we didnt have discussion thread for those kinds of devices.

anyway, someone has shared on reddit the current state of the art of ereaders with eink screens

they all looks very similarly sharp/clear and they all still doesn't have "basic A4 printer paper" white color.

should also adds "/tablets" in the title...
Bought my wife a Kindle Oasis a couple of years back and its great. Often use in the bath. Screen looks fine to me, very easy on the eyes. You can set the warmth of the screen to kind of get the white/yellow tint you like. When I checked it out in the shop it definitely was a lot better than the cheaper model. The midrange kindle model (at the time) was super slow, kind of bulky and the screen was nowhere near as good. Also the lack of physical buttons really makes a big difference. Having a button to change pages is so much better.
Yeah I have one of the Kobo water proof ebooks and it's great ... except for the lack of physical buttons to turn the page. Makes it far less useful to use it in the bath since it has a capacitive touch screen.



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dang, now im lamenting to grab a waterproof kobo or non-waterproof boox.

for the money of 7" boox, i can get an 8" waterproof kobo AND a spare change. But the boox is a full-blown android 11, so i would have a much easier time transfering and consuming content on it.